Please consider AOM DE and AOM2!

Different mythology come from all over the world is a perfect theme for RTS game, even better then different empires. Please rebuild AOM series which have great potential.


i disagree.


They are probably already working on AOM DE right as we speak. AoE2 DE was released on november2019. And AoE3 DE october 2020. So Age of Mythology DE will hopefully be planned for around fall 2021.

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AOE4 comes first for sure, the they can work on AOM DE
This game seriously deserves a DE

I just hope they will think twice about adding in that mess of an expansion they threw in later

I would want that expansion and also another Civ like the Sumerians (because very ancient) or Israelites (because good theology).

Isn’t a different team than FE working on AOE4? So FE could make a DE of AOM.

Yes but is MS who dictates the green light

I would love to see the Aztecs and the Japanese mythology represented in AoMII.

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Just don’t let relic touch AOM please!!

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I would buy AOM DE for sure.

My expectation is that DE would redo its graphics and adding 1+ more civ. Any more than that would be cherry on the cake.

I am sure the dev notice our voice, but I am not sure if they have any plan on AOM DE.


I wait for an AOM reboot or second part since about 16 years now. I so hope there will be something at AOM’s twenties birthday. especially since there was so much love for AOE recently.

but as far as i remember when they got asked if they do a visual rework like for AOE 1,2,3 they said they planned something different for AOM which leaves me personally with high hopes it will be more.

And i think AOM deserves it so much one of my fav games of all time even more than AOE

I would prefer AOM2 more than AOM DE, and I would also prefer adding new mythologies rather than same old.
New mythologies I would prefer to see would be: Slavic, Hindu, Aztec/Maya, Philippines