Please consider Ottoman Military School Pre-selection

I think it would helpful if the military unit could be pre-selected while the military school is being built.

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Why? No other production buildings can do so.

I haven’t played it, but from what I understand, it produces units for free. So if you start producing buildings for free as soon as construction completes, surely you would want to be able to pick the units coming out? It doesn’t matter for other buildings, because they need to have units manually trained anyway.

You can just pick the one you want after it’s built. You can cancel the unit in progress if you want to change it and not let the current one finish.

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But my only issue with the MS, is while it’s busy being built, if you select all MSes, it blocks your from controlling the built ones

So you need to manually deselect the one under construction just to access the controls.

I have already requested your own hotkey