Please consider the ability to pack Mongol towers and Ovoo

Mongols are nomadic. When the civilization packs up and moves across the map the only thing they can’t take with them is towers and their Ovoo.

Rationale for packed towers:
Since TC’s now only have 15 garrison slots, towers are a supplement to shelter villagers working under the TC. I move my TC a lot during my build order and would like to continue to protect them in new locations.

Rationale for packed Ovoo:
My build order requires a lot of movement. The original stone outcropping I use for my Ovoo usually is not the location I start building military buildings. It would save me 150 wood to relocate to a new stone outcropping.simply by packing the Ovoo and moving it.

For ovo I’m fine.
But for tower no way. This game had suffered a lot by tower rush… And the idea of Mongol tower that can go around enemy base make me feel so bad :sweat_smile:

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You want them to have movable towers!?

That would be the most toxic cancerous thing in the game by a very wide margin. No way.


Ovoo is essentially a stone mine. A glorified stone mine with magical power. You don’t happy and jolly move stone mines.

@UranicJohnBeast and @CRothlisberger are right about walking towers. It’s pure cancer.

Not sure what can and cannot be shared about closed test builds @moderators - let me know if this violates anything, deeply sorry if it does, please don’t blacklist me from future test! :slight_smile:

The ability to pack-up and move towers as the Mongols was a feature in the closed tests (among other techs, see the campaign for a closer idea to how the once played). I found it to be extremally useful and provided less economic impact to migrating. The carts also used to move very fast, while unrealistic, the slowdown has inadvertently discouraged the intended migration/nomadic mechanic pretty heavily.

Given tower rush strats, I’m sure that was one of the reasons the capability was removed. I still wish you could though.

imagine having towers enhanced with cannons and being able to place them in front of the enemy whenever you want, I agree, it would be crazy, it would be too op

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What if you could only move non-emplacement upgraded towers?

Still no. Definitely not. That makes tower rushing so much easier and so much harder to defend.

I understand you want the towers that move, but it would break the game too much

also because if they do not have upgrades, they are still 5 archers for free, just put the units in it, and you can not block it, at least if they use Villager, you just have to kill the enemy villager, as you do? would create too much advantage at the beginning of the game

So it sounds like everyone is on board for an Ovoo that can pack up. Great!

You didn’t read my reply. Ovoo is a stone mine. Absolutely unmovable nature map feature.