Please consider this as priority no.1 with next balance patch

Please, re-balance landmarks. I’m a bad player and I can just auto-pilot something like English or French into the same opening regardless if my opponent builds counter units or not and win every time because their landmarks are absurd. I really want devs to play vs English ram rush for like 10 games straight with every other civ and think about how English landmarks producing lonbowmen every 5 seconds is kind of stupid as f***. French can literally play knights only and will still run though any spearmen counter attempt and with enough micro can raid, diving under TC and be completely fine because of the passive healing. It’s completely ridiculous how in the patch you’re like: “yeah guys only French hulks were problematic”. Somebody please just re-balance age 2 landmarks already. I literally giga stomped a Rus player by building only longbowmen and spearmen with rams where the guy invested into like 15 knights which are infinitely more expensive and archers of his own just because i built 3 rams and put an outpost for the dumbass English buff and since the landmark is a super archery range(you never need to build archery range in age 2 because it works for 2 archery ranges already - completely ridiculous. I didn’t micro, my eco was a mess and I got rewarded by just cheesing my opponent with something so extremely dumb. Also I had no blacksmith upgrades and I still stomped the guy because of how much more units I had on the field. I felt disgusted winning that game and I felt disgusted every time I got beaten by the same thing.

Also as a side note: Who in their mind thought horsemen were ever a problem? How are devs blind to springald spam that is almost unbeatable?


i do agree that some landmark are basically pointless

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