Please Create Some Preset Communications

Hey folks,
I really enjoy the multiplayer experience of AOE4, but what I often struggle with is communication with my ally. From what I can tell, it stems from AOE4 being a global game and often times people that I am playing with don’t speak my language. I think the game already has a solution in place, but there are not enough preset communication items to communicate with my ally.

For example, I can click the defend/attack and oddly enough, it doesn’t pop up in my native language, but rather my allies…I think what can be changed here is similar to other games … provide a middle click option that has several options for communication. For example, it might be things like we should take this area or take a look at this or take this location or things along those lines.

Some might say all of these options currently exist, but I often feel like I am typing to my ally also from a strategy perspective to talk about rushing or aging up for example. I just feel like people in general ignore chat and that sometimes makes for a frustrating experience.

Perhaps some folks have other ideas…I’d just like a wheel option that has communication available.

I suggested in a previous post in game voice call.

In a RTS every second matters. Most of the time players have therefore no time to read or write chat messages.

More options to communicate very quickly like you mentioned would also be good I think.