Please developers add this to the game!

Could you PLEASE make three little changes? I think it would improve the game greatly:

  1. When selecting the culture of a player, add a random function that includes a fraction. For example: Everything BUT Holy Roman Empire because when I play a certain fraction I might not want to play against the same.

  2. Please add a function (technology, ressource buff or special unit) to the wonder buliding! I would appreciate this a lot. Currently, there is no reason why we would build a wonder when it’s not a victory condition. It could add so much fun if it wouldn’t directly win you the game but could just improve something. I don’t like the wonder victory condition so I sadly never get to see these beautiful buildings.
    An example could be: All units get +1 attack or the wonder generates +100 Gold/min or wonders or wonders give a bonus to the max. population

  3. Please add the button of AoEII again to determine your own population cap. I do understand that there is a standart 200 population for competitive games but let the skirmish players choose there own.

I wish we had some new content. Not monsters added for the summer…