Please, developers listen to me, do this little thing for the Mongols and the Mali

I begin by saying that I know that some players have complained about this. there is a small problem in the new mechanics of the ovoo, now the ovoo is no longer a villager that you can see in the stone, when I played I thought I didn’t have the ovoo because I didn’t see the villager, so without thinking I created one new, even if what I had was not finished yet, since it is such an important mechanics for the Mongols and for other civs a small screen has already been added to see more things, I would like to see something above the resources, which I makes it clear if my ovoo is working or not, a small graphic.
ovoo 1

ovoo 2

In this image below you can see that there are 0 Villager in Stone, but the stone arrives -VVVVVVV-

Because Mali must have 1 villager in the selected resource like stone and gold, when the Mongols do not have it.

In this image below I changed the resource from stone to gold -VVVVVVV-


What do you mean you sacrifice a villager forever?

It does not take pop space. You can see in your screenshot that you are at zero pop.

Also, it’s Malians by the way. Malaysians is something totally different. Malaysia is in Asia, Mali is in Africa.

I agree that Mongols should have an indicator that an Ovoo is active, although it hardly matters since you can see your stone going up and there is a huge notification when the Ovoo expires.

I don’t think the indicator should be showing an imaginary villager though for either civ.


I apologize for the wrong things I wrote in the post, I changed it and thank you for telling me, I wrote it quite quickly, especially the Mali version, currently English is not my main language and I happen to make many mistakes, since I often use the translator, you are absolutely right about Mali, which does not appear as an existing Village, But since for the Mongols it was removed, it was not I understand why there is for Mali, when as you said, there is no real existing Village, for the Mongols, I think you need some on-screen indicator if one is in the middle of the battles, he does not notice immediately, many times when you do everything quickly. so having something that shows it to you on the screen, such as a new graphic or a non-existent Village, would be better than having nothing

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Oh no worries, easy to mix those up! Maybe we will get Malay some day and it will be real confusing ha.

Yeah I agree they might as well add some kind of indicator.

Other civs have unique indicators like the China dynasty button, Ottoman Imperial Council, Delhi scholars, etc… So there is room there to give the Mongols one.

Or even remove the villager count from their stone section and put an Ovoo symbol there.