Please devs improve the entering and discharge of troops on ships

14 march 2022 build, steam, window.

as we can see on video, there are things that devs can improve:

  1. instead of units running to the ship, the ship must run to the closest coast near units
  2. on discharging troops from ships, all troops that fit on the place for discharge should be discharged, instead of not dischanging any troop because there is not enough space for all troops
  3. reduce space of ships box for selecting them, so we can easily attack walls nearby instead of accidentally get troops into the ship again

■■■ you see ship box is on top of wall box for atacking wall

sword appears only if mouse is hovered on this place (see picture), maybe it depends on the ship position


you know historically unless it was at a harbour you could embark and disembark on those big failing ships directly, they used boats.

The advantage of scandanavian longboats was that you COULD board embark and disembark directly.

Just fyi