Please, divide the gather speed for Male and Female settlers

I think it would be interesting and logical to introduce a new gameplay element for female and male settlers. The different gather speed!
Maybe I missed something, but the main idea, example
Male settlers will be effective for:
Food from animals hunted
Wood from Tree
Gold from Mines
Female settlers will be effective for:
Food from Berrybush, Mills, and other buildings
Gold from Plantation and other buildings

That sounds awful and pointless


ah yes, please add sexism to the game :gigachad:


That’s a great idea. But I think you don’t go far enough. I understand It might be controversial, but in addition to what you propose, I think villagers with darker skin should gather gold faster from plantation…

(Obviously I’m mocking the OP, I’m not advocating for adding racism in this game…)


No. That would make little to no sense in many of the civs - afaik, only the European civs would have any basis for this. In every other culture in the game, both men and women were expected to be capable of these tasks equally.


An emphatic no. 20 chars


that is absolutely terrible a pointless idea. It just add useless complications to the game, also you randomly get villagers you don’t choose if they are male or female. Unless you change that



What the **** did i just read? Lol


0 a.d was built on that and they are considering changing.

This won’t happen in AoE III, btw.

What we need is female Courer des bois to French.


There weren’t any female Coureur des Bois. A lot of colonies were >80% men. The Metis came about because there were almost no European women. They had to bring over the Filles du Roi to correct the massive gender imbalance.

I’d like to see a Filles du Roi card, but I don’t think we need more than that.


What is wrong with you?

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Sorry, you’re right, I should said female villagers/setllers wether from France or being Metis.

Perhaps they could gather from unique fields too with special corn and watermelon crops.

The 0-AD game works similar to this. But they are 2 types of villager.

This, in addition to being controversial, would be impractical, so they would also have to be divided into 2 types of villagers.

I think it’s currently fine as it is, since it’s the first AOE to include female villagers. (I don’t know if mythology also has them).

Instead of this I would propose that they include female soldiers.

also its pretty hard to distinguish the vils sometime and not to mention its a random roll, so u will be ■■■■■■ if you dont get what you want for the resources you need

It does.

How many of the civs in the game have a historical basis for this? I know the Lakota and Haudenosaunee do, but I don’t know about any beyond that.
But I’d gander that the Lakota are probably the only civ in the game that very nearly had equal numbers of both - women generally served as sharpshooters and support rather than direct melee combatants, though.

Are you high ? Please give me some of the stuff you take °^°

I don’t know, but I guess there are always exceptions.

The only Age that didn’t had females was I, probably by tech limitations. A pitty that they didn’t fix it in DE.

From what I recall, other women on battles had been somewhat common in Euroasian steppes (Scythians) and some African cultures. Also in last stands and siege defenses.