Please do not make Age of Empires 4 "too" cartoonish

Lol… I doubt “ANYONE” would ever say that “want” microtransactions. I was more than willing to buy the expansions for AoE 1, 2, 3, and even the AoE2 HD (2013) Edition i bought the 3 NEW expansions. However, i will NEVER accept “microtransactions” inside any AoE game. :smiley:


Your blood actually needs glucose, which is the simplest form of sugar to function, which is converted into the molecule ATP. :smiley:

Could you also explain exactly what other options there are?

You do know that just because something is historically accurate, it does not make a game fun, right? What makes a game fun is the game, and the actual “theme” of the game, only needs to appear to be in a historical setting, so as to convinced the players that it is historical. Also most will not even notice something such the “historical accuracy”, since most players will not be well versed in history.

Anti-Alias? You know that the purpose of anti-alias is too smooth the edges of an images, right? Which is only necessary on “low-resolutions”, therefore if you have a high resolution like 4K it is basically useless. Even in 1080p, it would not be the most important thing, and would probably not even be noticed as much, considering the genre and “point-of-view” which the angle of the player will be looking at.

Here is an article from 2007 which explains it.

Also, AoE4 will not be coming out until mid 2021, so there is plenty of time to change art assets. A game, while in development, changes art assets all the time. And most art assets are not completed until very late in the development. So since there is 1 year and 3 months, until the game is supposed to release, there is more than enough time for a graphical overhaul. It is more likely that the graphics are simply a “palce holder” for the “rea graphics”, which is what happens in most games, while in development. :smiley:

Most successful?? You mean like Starwars BattleFront 2 (2017) whih sold 9 million copies? When Part 1 in (2015) sold 16 MILLION? So it sold 7 million LESS?? You mean those games which use “gaas”?? Not to mention that “gaas” is simply a scam. It is merely a verbal scam which tricks someone into thinking that there is a significant difference. When in reality, there is no differnece between “gaas games” and non-gaas" games.

Not to mention that “NON-gaas” games are LESS likely to be released in a broken state. Also, before anyone would claim that the reason a game is released in a broken state, is because development just “costs too much” or “takes too long”, or some other “irrelevant” reason, i will simply say this, game development costs more, however game developemnt costs has been “flat-lining” for over 10 years.

Developing a AAA-game usually costs around $50 million. This is the average cost, so do not bother mentioning “outliers”. You may think that is a lot. However, it is not really a lot. It is actually quite small. Especially when considering that “number of gamers” will constantly increase as the “population increases”. Therefore there will be more players, who will purchase a game, and thus more profits, which will offset the cost, and potential risk. Since more players will buy the game, play it once, and then probably never play it again. Which means if a game is multiplayer, there will be less administrative and infrastructure costs for servers to maintain a multiplayer game. (Do note: almost all “gaas” games are multiplayer, since it is almost impossible to convince someone to purchase in-game items in a single player game).

By “which by the way the most successful online games out there use”, you really mean ALL MOBILE games, correct?

EDIT: bruuuuuh i wrote a ■■■■■■■ wall… just jump to the TL;DR

Uhhhh sorry what?
It does it for me. Name a historically accurate game that is not fun because it is historical accurate (try to avoid problems related to engine limitations, bugs and ai).
0 A. D., Rising Storm/Red Orchestra, EU4/CK2/HOI4, some Total War titles… even Dirt! accurate, considering engine limitations. I really love then, and how they represent the past and give space for an believable alternate history using the correct representation of peoples and interactions. (except dirt, dirt is a simulator, “historically accurate but from the present” - anyway, it’s good).

Of course not all players will be versed in history. With lack of knowledge, basically anything you throw at then is taken for true - they can’t filter poetic license from cold, hard facts. Thus, the amount of misinformation that is being spread around shapes a lot how people think of the past.
Common examples: France = surrender, katana best thing evah, peasants ate mud, Russia is unbeatable on winter, one spartan was stronger than the avengers… These are mostly metaphors, but a lot of people believe on inflections of these.

Lately some renewed love for the medieval era is taking place - motivated by releases like Mordhau, Bannerlord, Vikings, Crusaders Kings 3, and AoE too, of course. I believe that representing the era and it’s people correctly is the way to go - at least in the graphics, c’mon - something these games are doing a bit below average.
Going for the really bad stuff, you have releases like Troy: Fall of a city, 300 and Gladiator, that got a lot of stuff wrong and are centers of heated debate to this day - 300 is a movie that alienated a lot of people, filling pop culture with… weird… assumptions… not to say other things.

Concluding, i believe historical accuracy is important to avoid alienation for players - specially for the newer audiences (something i believe MS is targeting with AoE4), that can be easily influenced by wrong stuff. What seems like a harmless introduction eventually becomes a rule after endless repetition (like weapons, edgy ideologies, wings on horsemen). You keep believing a fallacy, spread the misinformation yourself, and when you read about the facts, you see how it really was and feel like a puppet (ok i’m going all political sorry. I hope you understand i mean no harm, and want only to avoid large scale misinformation - 1 hour writing just to say this).

TD;DR: i don’t want misinformation to spread to people who don’t know a lot about history (kids in special) like some “historical movies” did in the past.

About anti alias, all i know is: Tech is too advanced for it to matter when we talk about differentiating units, colors or shapes.
About changing art assets: Kinda hard changing then. I mean, shouldn’t the designers be payed twice? the trailer should be remade from scratch, this is true. And mid 2021 is like 1 year from now. But again, i heard Sonic The Hedgehog got amazing after the total art rework, and people loved it (i still have to watch it, tho - spoilers welcome).

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World of Warcraft, Dota2, League of Legends, Overwatch, Fortnite, Path of Exile, Destiny2 and even games like Final Fantasy, Diablo III, RainbowSixSiege, GTA online and more.

Your very own example that compares its quests with AoE2, “Heroes of the Storm”, is both a gaas and a freemium game.
You like the live quests? Well surprise, thats a gaas feature to keep you engaged.
Not sure whether you mean everything you write or whether you just argue for the shake of it.

Some of the names mentioned above are arguably the most successful games of all time and that’s a fact by numbers whether one like them or not.

People often have a very vague and misinformed idea what games as a service are and do.

Online games now are constantly patched, updated and keep a flow of content coming, that’s all ‘services’ even for a 60$ title. They are not a gift from the gods. Someone works on them.

And although Aoe4 won’t be a live service, it would still be a huge waste if it followed the fire and forget approach and wasn’t supported and monetized well after its release with all sort of updates, DLCs, modes, expansions or cosmetic elements.

The funny coincidence is that a while after my post, the dev team made a post about GaaS, making clear a couple of things and mentioning AoE2 as well. And that’s a good thing of course, it keeps the playerbase engaged and growing. All the smart, successful companies of online games make use of this kind of model or its practices, in one way or another. I would expect some paid content soon.

they already said aoe4 will be a game without microtransactions.
also we only want dlcs and updates.they did it in aoe2.

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Also, you know they are movies, right? (Note - This is more like posing a question to those who you reference when you imply that whenile debating, some may reference said movies).

Also, anyone who debates something after simply watching a movie or playing a game, probably has much bigger issues than simply believing such things because they were in a movie or game. Which in itself, is actually are a VERY similar argument that some make about playing “violent video games” (imagine i quoted that while using a scary voice, right now).

Exactly. The point the other person was trying to make was that GAAS = DLC and updates

What i am trying to is that GAAS = Pay-To-Win

GAAS is merely an excuse to release broken games, while using monetization strategies which rip-off customers. While simultaneously using excuses which ALL OF THE EXCUSES AT THEIR CORE refer to the game itself “not making enough money”. (While simultaneously the companeis using these excuses do NOT give accurate reports on the “development cost” OR “profilt/losses” from a game).

It is even probable that the cost of game development for a AAA-game is flat-lining.

Also, if you want evidence for why game development is not excessively costly, just take into consideration two (2) key elements:

1 The constantly expanding pool of gamers (due to increasing population), which subsequently leads to more sales, and thus more profilts.

2 “most” AAA-games (excluding outliers) usually cost around $50-$80 million (USD). This will not continue to increase in a linear (or exponential) line, due solely to that fact, that most gamers (only focusing on PC), use a resolution of 1080p and even IF most gamers decided to eventually adopt 4K (which is really 2K, and only called 4K because it is a marketing gimmick), the fact is, NO ONE would ever adopt 8K (which would be the next logical step up), since there would be no perceivable gains to be made by the consumer and it is doubtful if marketing would be successful for 8K. Which would also lead to game developers/publishers NOT making 8K art assets. THUS there will be a ceiling for developmetn cost.

Do note - The above would also be consistent for any type of special effects, since the core principle would reimain consistent for all types of animations and art assets.

Do note - Only exclusion would be for content creep (which means adding more content which then takes more time, THUS people need to be paid, THUS higher cost)

Also. Yes, i am aware that AoE4 willl NOT have microtransactions. And let’s celebrate NO microtransactions. Also, how did a discussion about graphics turn into a discussion about microtransactions? Because i was ONT the first one to bring up the topic of microtransactions.

@ChancierPrism63 Excuse me, I correct myself, although I mentioned generally that people may have a vague or misinformed idea of what GaaS can be, you do not. Ignorance would be a more appropriate word in that case.

GaaS do not have to be P2W neither F2P neither to have necessary progression. I also mentioned that ‘althought AoE4 won’t be a live service (likely)’ it should have DLCs etc.
I’m not very sure how you concluded that DLC means automatically GaaS.

It is also not a very wise thing to pretend that you know everything, when you clearly don’t.
And especially when you have touble understanding a simple text like that.
I would say out of that self-righteousness mindset, you didn’t even read the article from the Age team, which could clarify you a few things.
Using capital letters or derogatory ad hominem attacks ‘you are arrogant’, ‘stupidity’, etc are not going to give you right whatsoever.

I must also flag some of your posts since you do not seem to be in a state of mind to participate in a civilized discussion.

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