Please do rating for teamgame Empire Wars properly!

Hi there,

at this point everyone knows that RM teamgame elo is just terrible. That’s mainly because it doesn’t take into account the average elo of both teams, but rather your teams average elo and the enemy teams highest elo (afaik, or something similiar to that). The effect is a constant elo inflation and the worst part about it is that playing a lot of games makes you clim, even if you win less than 50% (which shouldn’t make you climb). So teamgame elo is completely meaningless - you could be good if you’re high, or you just played a lot, but still suck - yet both types of players have the same elo.

I honestly still think that completely resetting the RM teamgame ladder would be by far the best option, but devs are silent regarding this problem and for whatever reason don’t seem to be willing to fix this - that’s another discussion and there are threads for this.

But now:

Having a new game mode with very likely a teamgame ladder is the perfect opportunity to implement a proper teamgame rating without having to reset anything - we start at 0 anyway.

So please use the average elo for each of the teams to calculate elo gains and elo losses!!!

This way we should have at least one teamgame ladder with a proper rating mechanic.
Thanks in advance!


Also I hope they won’t let the RM rating influence the EW rating because it will lead to bad results too. This caused a lot of problems to the DM ladder too.

For those who dont know the issue with team game ratings:

@OMGBoxShark This indeed looks like the best timing to implement an fix for this issue!

Just changing the max to the average in the elo calculation shouldnt be that hard?!
I only dont know on how easy it will be to re evaluate all current ratings, otherwise it take a long time to settle down.

This is mainly the result of the inflated ratings. So if they fix the inflation, then the correlation between the starting points on the ladders isnt a bad thing anymore.


FYI Evangelos has moved on to another job and isn’t the person to tag for issues in the forums anymore. I don’t know who, if anyone, is taking over the responsibilities he used to have.

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Thanks for letting me know. I missed that one. Just some weeks ago he did reacted to this issue. The latest patch notes are posted by @OMGBoxShark, so lets tag him instead.

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FIX the elo for once and for all