PLEASE do something to the CHEATERS

As a Chinese player i really feel shameful about the cheaters…i should say that it is true that most of them are chinese.They even sold cheating software of aoe2 on Taobao,even used it in ranking to defeat vivi when he was broadcasting live. Sadly the only thing i can do is to report to taobao…
Although the newest update fix the multiple upgrade bug,that’s absolutely no enough against cheating.according to the details of the cheating software, they can modify gathering speed,add resources, increase popu limit…(i don’t know if the picture is uploaded successfully
As a campaign player I even want Microsoft to lockdown the chinese online gaming to ban cheating ,but i’m also a fan of mr_yo and vivi…please do something to the cheaters before they ruin the game


This is a really serious issue, the devs should take note.

The new patch probably addresses this issue. We need to test it.