Please don‘t increase the pop of desert outlaws!

Desert Archer: Heavy infantry multiplier reduced to 1.75X (from 2X).
That‘s ok, because they are strong units.

Loyal Warriors (I): Moved to the Fortress Age.
That‘s ok, because it‘s a strong shipment.

BUT increasing the pop of desert outlaws totally ruins this desert outlaw strategy of Ethiopian! That change makes desert outlaws trash units in late game! Why not just nerf the HP, ATK or cost of these outlaw units ? Please don‘t increase the pop of desert outlaws and destroy the gameplay of aoe3!


They don’t really need any nerfs.


i like the change. Desert archers were too pop-efficient before

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I’d much rather they just nerfed the other stats of the Desert Archer and Warrior, or even make them more expensive. By default, Ethiopia has no direct counter for heavy infantry in Commerce, and the Desert Archer was able to fill that niche well with Shiftas. The Desert Warrior was also, at least for me, a more preferable choice to the Gascenya in the early game. Shiftas remains a good card for me for the Desert Raiders, but I can’t think of many cases where I would use either of the Desert infantry units now. If they do keep them at three pop each, I think they should lower their Coin cost slightly to make them more viable.


They has normal 1 pop unit stat, not 200hp or 30atk. 2 pop for them is unreasonable.

Its an age 2 skirmisher with 22 range and low cost. Its crucial to limit their numbers in age2

these african outlaws are currently broken and i am sad to see desert raider not nerfed


I’m fine with the population increase but this goes too far. They should just make the card only discount influence and coin costs so that it isn’t quite so potent for outlaws.

Outlaws are supposed to be an early game unit so moving Loyal Warriors to Fortress makes it basically useless for outlaws. For Ethiopia, outlaws may be essential in the early game since they generally lack light infantry until age 3. The outlaws are a stopgap until Neftenyas become available so extra population making them non-viable late game isn’t too important.


but desert outlaws is toooooo strong…
especially after few cards

the increase of population means the cost of outlaw increased 10 wood. that’s why so many guys don’t want it.

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As far as I remember, US outlaws are high pop. If that’s the case so should Ethiopian outlaws. Just use regular units, outlaws need a downside.

Long bow is also 1 pop age 2 skirmisher with 22 range and low cost. Desert Archer is already 2 pop and needs a shipment to make them 1 pop. 3 pop nerf throw him into trash bin.

Outlaws bo is a well designed strat before and offers African civs more options and gameplay. Pop nerf just kills this strat totally.

Yea, they need a nerf but not pop nerf

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US outlaws have charged skills which are much stronger than African desert outlaws. More they are able to get - 2 pop after shipment. However, there is only - 1 pop shipment for Ethiopian, and even - 0 pop for Hausa.

maybe just the desert warrior need a pop nerf because it’s tooooo strong :face_with_head_bandage:

even the crossbow can’t have a multiply to it.

don‘t increase the pop of any desert outlaws and just nerf the HP, ATK or cost of them. :hot_face:

however the HP and attack of desert warrior is not too high… just their range defense makes them too strong… so nerf the defense of desert warrior to 0.1?

desert warrior is not so irreplaceable. the javelin rider can also help to attack the heavy cav.