Please enhance AI of Mongol villagers and packed/unpacked buildings

Currently, the advantage of having Mongol buildings is hindered by the intense micro required.

If a Ger is being moved in a crowd of wood gatherers, the following will happen:
1.) Ger will detect a villager is intersecting its unpacking destination and will not unpack.
2.) Villagers will deposit wood in next closest drop-off, even if it’s far away.
Rather, I think the AI should be more robust and use conditionals:
1.) Ger sends signal from unpacking destination. Villagers keep working but avoid that area (not even intersecting during pathing) until Ger is unpacked.
2.) Villagers ready to deposit wood detect a Ger is en route and will wait to deposit after it unpacks instead of depositing to a different drop-off.

If a TC is being moved with a herd of sheep in tow, the following will happen:
1.) Sheep will move out of the way of unpacking destination but then immediately move right back inside.
2.) TC will not unpack.
Rather, I think the AI should send the sheep outside the unpacking destination and wait until the TC is unpacked before returning within the walls of the TC.