Please fix an water/hybrid map in TG

Seriously, I don’t understand why megaradom is each 2 pool change, and BF is always fixed, and yet, we haven’t had asingle water map fixed in TG.


Tbh I’d be very happy if there was a fixed water map in both 1v1 and teamgames but as far as I know the majority wouldn’t like that

Alltough we could argue that the majority always plays arabia anyways, and the remaining maps only have around <5% pickrate so why couldn’t we switch one of them. In addition those are all the same in this perspective (all land map)


I am not a big fan of watermaps, but I’d rather play Islands then BF or MR… :frowning:

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Most of players don’t like MG or BF and they are still there. Either we get also a fixed water map, or we get to vote for everything. It’s the most logical way

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People don’t like water maps. Having one of them fixed makes no sense

Is currently entering in the poolmap so yes, people like water maps. At least, more than BF. Anyway it should be there for people who likes it. You can ban it if you don’t


to me doesn’t look like they are entering the map pool tbh

I bet you won’t get BF and MR either if the devs didn’t pin them.


Which would be totally fine by me since I don’t play them


I get it, you play only open-land maps and arena. Good for you. Some of us what to play water

I play open land, closed land and hybrid maps, i just don’t like certain specific maps from those setting.
If the majority of the people do not like water maps i don’t see why they should be forced on them. Go vote them and whatever the result is accept it

I’m not forcing anything to anyone. You have bans. You can spend one in banning a water map. Now we’re forcing people to play land maps in tg.