Please fix/improve the mouse camera dragging functionality.


I’m someone who prefers middle mouse dragging of the camera over edge panning. There are many like me. In this game, the relative position of the cursor to the screen does not change as you drag the camera. This makes it a feature incredibly awkward to use, practically forcing people to edge pan.

Please, can you improve this feature so that the mouse cursor stays fixed on its position relative to the map as you drag the camera? It would make this game so much better to play for some of us.

Thank you.


Some further detail for clarification:

Try and position your cursor to the top right of the screen, hold middle mouse and drag all the way to the bottom left. You will see what i mean. With AoE4, when you have completed the motion, your cursor will reappear where you originally started, in the top right, while your physical mouse will have been moved down and to the left. This means that you will have to physically lift the mouse and reposition it towards the upper right in order to realign your actual range of movement with the position of the cursor on the screen. This makes camera dragging functionally worthless. What SHOULD happen is your cursor would have to stay relatively fixed to its position against the map itself, mimicking your movements as you drag your mouse, which would enable you to quickly snap back once you’ve let go of the middle mouse button, and stopped dragging the camera. Think about it like you’re panning the image on a mobile touchscreen with your finger.

Games like LoL and DotA do this method of control properly like i’ve described, and i’m sure there are many others.

Thanks for your time.


I have been using middle mouse camera dragging and I find it perfectly fine. Although they should include your suggestion (should be an easy addition right?) and also to be able to invert the mouse axis.

I can understand the logic in the way it is currently implemented. The premise being you’re dragging your mouse so when you let go of the pan button, your cursor will mimic a position relative to where your mouse is on your desk.

As someone who games on a trackball mouse this feature could be helpful so I don’t see the harm having it as an option.

Not being able to invert the functionality is strange as well.

Assume you mean you can’t understand the logic, and i would agree. It would make precision camera control possible, efficient and fast. I hate to bring up MOBA games again, but they do this one thing right. I used to edge pan for main camera control for the longest time, but i’ve never looked back once i switched to mouse panning.

Hopeful bump! Apologies for the necro.