Please fix Multiplayer Server Matchmaking

This is my 1st time ever posting on a game forum. I love AOE2DE, but it’s been so frustrating these days whenever my friend and I play ranked match due to the poor matchmaking system. AOE 2 DE doesn’t allow you to select which server you want to play when finding ranked match, and this is poorly designed for online games and especially for an RTS game. I think DE should implement this feature that allows player to choose server that they want to play (or to avoid) for rank match like in Dota 2 and other online games.
We’re in Southeast Asia, whenever we find match, it’s common for us to unable to join game. However, the worse thing is that many time when we get in the game, it freezes after 1-2 minutes and a couple minutes later that player is shown resigned. I later found out that every time we got disconnected like that, we were matched with players from Brazil which is the worst server that we can be matched with due to physical distance between the two regions. It’s crazy that players with red ping should be matched together in ranked match, this is a nightmare for both sides. I think most players agree with me that they want their game to be smooth and free of lag. However, right now, the game doesn’t have that feature and I think many players have experienced it. For me, I’d rather not find any match than playing in unacceptable condition or lose games for no reason.


For some reason it is always Brasil. The Brasil server is kinda bad. I think that fixing the Brasil server is also a solution for your issue. I hope that fixing this server is on the action tracking list for the devs. Maybe, just maybe, did they fix this yesterday during the maintainance. Let’s us hope so…

How can you find out out what server you have been connected to for any specific ranked match? I can get the ping by looking at stats (time etc.), but not sure about the server.

Also, is there any way to know what server you are being hosted on before the actual match starts?

You can see it at if you are logged in.
You can only see it for your own games.

I dont know any option to see it before the game starts.

When I got disconnected, I go out to the spectate tab in the multiplayer menu and find my game. And it always shows Brazil server.

I just got disconnected today and got -30 points

It actually does need to be fixed. Teams was stated to be a bigger focus when DE came out and people enjoy playing with the same people to get better and get to know those people. Just because you make a friend in a random game doesn’t mean you two would stay at the same level, and just because you were randomly put together doesn’t mean you ever were at the same level.

I play with my wife sometimes and her TG elo is like 1500 or 1600 even though I bet 1v1 if she ever played would be around 400. When we play people are writing what happened to her and I just tell them she is new and it is DE issue of matchmaking that created this problem. I will keep playing with her versus humans because I enjoy the challenge and she doesn’t play unless she plays with me… and her enjoyment is solely spending time with me.

Therefore it is our opponents that generally will not have as much fun as she basically doesn’t lose elo when we lose and gains a ton of points when we win since I am much higher skill level than her.

It may even be a bug, I’m not sure it is intentional. The one advantage is it is harder to smurf for too long because you can gain points so fast. But it does make it wherein if you have family or close friends you just want to enjoy the game with, it quickly alters the lower player’s elo to a point that just isn’t accurate at all.

I thought it was an Xbox vs. Steam issue and the game trying to connect people on different platforms, but it does seem like it’s a server issue.