Please fix random map scripts - all resources are in a cross

:arrow_forward: GAME INFORMATION

  • Build: Current
  • Platform: Steam / Microsoft Store
  • Operating System: Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Mac / Linux
  • Gamertag: Age of Empires II DE

:arrow_forward: ISSUE

All resources are spawned in a cross at almost every map in DE. This makes the scripts much less exiting. For more details (and the root issue behind this bug):

Like the creator of the video i am surprised this is still not begin fixed.


Yeah, I hope a dev watches this, this needs to be pushed and looks easy to fix @GMEvangelos

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Wow, I haven’t noticed that myself so far, but this is huge. The video is also very interesting!


I saw it today. T-West makes really good content :smiley:
Then I played some games, and man, i cannot make it unseen xD never noticed before, but now… its just everywhere


Hello everyone, thank you for your report. A fix for this issue was already in progress and will be in our next update, coming soon. Keep an eye on our social channels for an announcement on when this will go out. Thank you very much for your patience in the mean time, as always! And keep those reports coming.


Oh ya the update is soon:)

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Made a post about that weeks ago but dosent seem like anyone cared about it to much :frowning:

Hope the next patch will realy fix that and not just pretend to do so ^^

so are the only issues getting addressed first is if we make a video of this? otherwise feels like many other ones get brushed aside and not even acknowledged. we appreciate the fixes and acknowledgement because at least we know its looked after.

In regards to the video on itself, not at all! Of course, we can and do listen to all forms of reviews across socials, but this and other bugs that spring up are usually brought to us through the forums, not because of the video. This issue was already in works prior to this, thanks to everyone (Including you, @FolderOfDoom956!)

Seriously, thank you, all of you, for reporting it here! It was being worked on before this video BECAUSE of your reports! I came to comment to rest everyone assured on this particular thread because the fix will actually be in (soon!)

This is the best way for us to track individual issues occurring so that we can collectively see everyone’s response, error reports, reproductions, and more. Although we cannot respond to every single thread, we absolutely use all of this information to help clarify situations as soon as they come up, then work towards testing, cleaning up and finalizing it into a patch. Thank you so, so much for understanding and working with us to make this game amazing. :heart: :+1: