Please fix the lobby bugs…

It’s been a while since I have seen any post related to the absolute state that the queueing experience so I thought I would refresh this because it is important for the health of the game.

I’m pretty high ranked in team games (top 20 in every category), so while this is a problem for lower levels as well, it is a massive problem for our teams when our average queue times is in the 7-10 minute range.

  1. Host is bugged - the inviter of the squad will bug sometimes and not join the lobby when we find a game. This will usually end in someone from the other team dodging or one of us leaving the team to reset things. We all have to restart to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

  2. Someone doesn’t count down - this is pretty random but even if we all make it into the lobby sometimes one or more players won’t count down. While everyone else is in assigning teams, one player is stuck in the lobby. This will usually end with us all back in the main screen and have to begin the whole queue again for another 8 minutes before we find a game. BUT, not before everyone has to restart their game again.

  3. Getting dodged multiple times will often result in the above.

  4. more rare, but equally frustrating, is we all get to assigning teams and one team mate just drops entirely and we have to play 3v4 or 2v3 or 1v2.

The cherry on top is that the system usually sees this behaviour as dodging so we end up with a queue penalty. Lol.

This other day, I had to queue for 45 minutes because of being dodged about 4-5 times on top of all the bugs.

Now I know we found a “quick fix” to this having the entire squad restart the game… and these 45 minute scenarios are rare… but I still experience this ■■■■ literally every single session and it is actually about average 15-20 minutes before we get everyone going.

Finishing an 8 hour day of work and then trying to enjoy 2 hours of AoE before other responsibilities, I often think it’s not worth it if I spend 25-50% of the time fighting the queue bugs before I get in an actual game.

I know it’s a sob story and honestly who cares if the game loses one more player, but I’m just being honest. If I have to put up with this ■■■■ much more I’m moving onto a game where I can literally load into in 5 minutes because it’s a gigantic waste of 8 peoples time trying to fight the queue. Because on the other side of us getting rekt by the queue is 4 other players that have the mirrored experience of not making it into the game.

Devs, I implore you… please make this experience better and not such a huge part of the game. Literally fighting the user interface just to play your amazing game.

To be perfectly honest, I care a whole lot.

MP experience is a top priority and this feedback really helps.