Please fix the new Spanish Lancer Model

Honestly all the new models look great, you guys have really put the time and effort into making them great for the modern age. However, one model sticks out like a sore thumb in a screenshot and in some game play from Gamestar; The model of the Spanish Lancer. The current model in 2007 edition has a really ugly spear tip. In fact it is not even a lance but a spear with a oversize head. It is less noticeable in the 2007 version of aoe3 due to the low poly count of the units. Below is the old model

Here is a glimpse of the new one and we can see the really weird spear. And it can be seen in Gamestar’s video at around 2:36

This Lance is unweildy and looks super awkward. I propose something more on the lines of this


Well, it was 2007 graphics.
They probably will redo a lot of the unit models.

They updated the model with the janky spear, look at the picture and the gameplay

Don Quixote with a long sharp shovel. 11


Look at this guy’s face. I mean, spear. That’s a good representation!

Oh boy, I just realised the horse has an even more hilarious face :smile:

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