Please fix water banelings

Everyone loves posting videos of water banelings blowing up 50 units of the opponent.

I get it, it was fun for a while. But something like this has no place in a competitive game. This situation is exactly like what we had with mass Springalds. To counter it, you have to make water banelings yourself.

The fact that there is no range indicator for the explosion radius doesn’t help either.

I can only assume that manual detonation being much stronger than detonating is a bug. This cannot be your intentional design.

Who decided that water banelings need to look almost exactly like fishing boats? This is not just lazy design, its a terrible decision. You decided to make a worker unit look almost exactly like a suicide unit that blows up ships. And you decided that fishing boats are able to heal other boats. So in water battles, players are pulling their attack ships, their fishing ships and their water banelings while both fishing ships and water banelings are nearly indistinguishable.

You have got to change the visuals of water banelings ASAP. And fix their issues.

Thats my wish for the end of this year. Merry Christmas!


Appreciate the reports! There are some demo ship fixes coming.