Please..for the love of this game..DO NOT port it to xbox

Sorry, but RTS games don’t belong on console. If there does end up being a port it had better be totally dumbed down for console plebs. I can see it now…upcoming changes to make pc more balanced with console, and the game just dies as a result. Better be totally different online servers so we can have proper AoE4 while they get the “lite” version. Please just don’t bother wasting resources on it. Focus on patching/balancing the game for PC, and eventual expansions. Feel free to disagree, but I personally think it’s a bad idea.


Your whole statement makes let’s see, around -15% sense there is a huge market for RTS and strategy as a whole on console it would no way destroy the PC version (which I have but would love to see available to more people and friends on console the series x is frankly a powerhouse also now having mouse and keyboard too makes them closer to pc than ever in certain ways so as they say remove the foot long log from thou rear end how this incredible franchise being made worse by being available to more people? The team behind this should absolutely bring it to all gamers out there on PC and xbox.

I hope the UI isn’t hurt for Xbox players. This is why xbox needs to release official mouse and keyboards for their consoles.

It shouldn’t be they will likely do plenty of research before making this hame for xbox too heck they may do what paradox done and build a console specific edition of it from the ground up and then add crossplay (not necessary at first of course) oh! Keyboard and mouse is available for xbox I use it for games like dayz and that have complex inventories

Is it an official mouse and keyboard or a third party?

As far as I know either I can use any mouse keyboard usually I take the one from my gaming pc but there’s no official xbox keyboard and mouse or anything like that

That’s the thing, xbox users will still continue to use controller only due to branding, and how people are worried that “adaptor ports will brick my xbox”. They are literally just prebuilt computers with a very customized UI/software. So hopefully xbox will release an official mouse and keyboard to finally bring it on par with pc users. And so I don’t have to read another “ban mouse and keyboard users on xbox and playstation for cheating” thread on the Overwatch forums.

Some probably will but from what I noticed alot of people want the option to use keyboard and mouse too mine don’t even need adapter ports I just plug it straight into the xbox via usb though an official one or partner selling them wouldn’t be so bad as for overwatch I have your perfect solution forget how to read and they will never be able to bother you again come let us transcend to neanderthal

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If only it was that easy, maybe aoe4 can release a norse civ so I can go on a viking against prissy french players so I can release my frustration.

Now that is drengr talk Norse dlc we need to get a thread up about that right away the vikings can get materials and money from raiding enemy bases and faster tradecships the picts would be awesome for this to using war dogs and ambush tactics

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By all means, get one up and I will go comment and like it.

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Deal I got say though I really hope they bring Age to xbox they can even start with the older titles and work their way forward there will be plenty of people eager to play it or even give it a try for the first time I noticed alot of people are frustrated with the game being advertised through all the xbox media for gamepass while not being on the console itself it would have made an excellent xbox console exclusive for the series x while obviously being on pc

Yeah I mean more players is always good, I just don’t want the ui and mechanics to be a sacrificial goat for that possibility.

I xan understand that but I’m sure with mouse and keyboard support and the power of the next gen hardware iwhat better time is there to make that big step providing they think it out carefully and creatively these guys can do it I have faith!