Please get rid of Sacred Site victory or "King of the Hill"

Scumbag level win condition.

Someone just lost to a sacred victory on KOTH huh? You have to contest the hill early even if you don’t wanna go for ss victory you can’t let your opponent get a castle or defenses on the hill without trying to contest it….once you lose the hill it’s hard (not impossible) but hard to get back and at that point you were simply out strategized, and out played.



If a game is going to go long, I need that Sacred Site to finish in time for the next game.

Honestly I like the map of King of the Hill and I like trying to win the Holy Land in this map. If the only way to win in an RTS game is to destroy every unit of the enemy, then this game will be boring, RTS should have multiple The way to victory, allowing the military to serve its strategic goals.

it’s not.
1 - landmark victory
2 - opponent resign
3 - wonder

why people always lie and deceive?

My one gripe with KOTH is that the terrain around the sacred site can be so rough that pathing gets screwed up even before it is filled with walls everywhere. There should be a flat plateau area around the sacred site so that assaulting units can actually reach it when ordered.

Maybe it’s because the person who thinks others are cheating on him didn’t read the article carefully.

All in all, I think a map like King of the Hill is good and very strategic, so I don’t think it needs to be changed.

I don’t think he’s a native English speaker, it seemed clear to me that he intended the subjunctive - “If the only way to win in an RTS game WERE to destroy every unit of the enemy, then this game WOULD be boring”.

Re the OP’s point, I got the King of the Hill map in a co-op game recently, and liked it. I was English and chose the keep for my 2nd landmark, building it on the hill, and making no military to that point to be able to build it as early as possible. The AI didn’t contest the hill all game. How the game SHOULD play out with a competent opponent is clearly you should all be in a race to control that location, which seems like an interesting game variation to me.