Please give AI more life

Hello :slight_smile:

A lot of casual players like to play against AI besides the campaign.

In AOE3 it was much more fun to play against the AI.

They reacted on taunts with their sayings. I know taunts will come to AOE4. Hopefully the AI will react to them.

The AI were personalities like Napoleon. (My favourite enemy in AOE3 :D)

In my opinion the character of the historical person was partly reflected in the AI. Napoleon for example played aggressively.

For AOE4 I would also like the AI to reflect one historical figure per civilization. For example a video of them would be displayed when they return a taunt or say something when attacking, defending, defeating or similar.

A good example of an entertaining AI is that of Stronghold. During an attack, provocations, a setback, defence, before victory and before death, they always uttered sayings and a video appeared.

Below is the link to funny sayings of the pig. Stronghold / Stronghold Crusader - The Pig Quotes - YouTube
It might be exaggerated for AOE4 :smiley: Just as a suggestion and for general amusement :smiley:

In my opinion, this is how it should be in AOE4. This would make it much more entertaining to play against the AI.

What do you think about that?

Kind regards


yeah AI either way needs a ton of work. besides lack of character, there’s no way of setting it to be defensive or boomy or aggressive.

The AI itself is too aggressive on low difficulty and simply bad on high difficulty.

Besides its actual choices in game (like routing into a dead end) I think the stuff you mentioned might be nice further down the line, but also not sure how much it will cost to do, versus how much we’ll get out of it.

We need a functional AI first.

I agree there is first a lot of other work to do with the AI.

Nevertheless I hope they implement the other things I mentioned not too late. I think this is essential to make fighting versus the AI more fun and satisfy casual players.