Please give Macedonian Wheel

One thing that bothered me a lot about the Upatch is that Persian got wheel, but Macedonian did not. It’s true that Persian was obviously a way more crippled civ than Macedonian, but wheel makes a BIG difference in RM games. Macedonian has a nice cheap siege bonus, hoplites which are durable against archers, which make it a reasonable civ attacking wise, BUT: none of this matters, because Macedonian cannot even run away from enemy forces. Quite rarely I see people actually use Composite bowmen + stone throwers in the bronze age. More often then not people will just tool rush with Macedonian simply because it’s quite risky to attack in the bronze age. You can have a nice bronze army with Mace, but all it takes is one raid with CA or cav and everything falls apart. Also, the cheap siege does not actually make that much of a difference with other civs since villagers are slower so income is also slower: Macedonian cannot hold it’s own against other civs unless it has a clear map advantage and pretty much needs to attack in the tool age to have a decent chance.

I really hope the developers address this and give Macedonian wheel. Perhaps nerf the cheap siege to only -25% cost or something to compensate.

I agree. Macedon lacking wheel is an unrealistic and unneeded disadvantage.