Please give quitters more/longer bans

I nearly can’t play any ranked team games recently. There is always one person quitting immediately, because they don’t want to play the map, or one person disconnecting or if not a person being afk for 5 mins and then quitting to avoid the temp ban.

I have tried 3 times today to play a ranked team game:
1st game: One teammate quit after 5 mins
2nd game: One teammate quit at the start (disconnect or game crashed probably)
3rd game: One teammate quit after 5 mins

In none of those games were any early attacks, mistakes made or anything else that would have be an ingame reason for giving up. I guess, it’s just the players not wanting to play the maps, or games crashing.

This has to be addressed very soon.


I wouldn’t like to see longer punishments right now because of how the system also punishes players who don’t quit.

I also think this isn’t really a problem that can be easily solved with punishments, the root cause is just people throwing in the towel once something doesn’t go their way.

A not-solution is just to find and play with friends so you can be sure they won’t quit (or if they do, the problem is not in them but game crashing etc).


who cares about teamgames though? It’s not a competitive mode, the game is mostly catering to 1v1s with team games being a bonus that is harder to balance and address. IF you care THAT much about teamgames, find some private lobbies where you can pick people that don’t ragequit and use your favorite settings.

You can’t raise the punishment even more than now, people have lives and for example if you leave 2 games in a row, the punishment is 10, then 30 minutes on your 3rd leave (not sure how long it takes to reset it but it’s fairly long). People have lives, this game isn’t a full-time job, respectable people can leave 3 games in a row within say 3-4 days due to life circumstances.

I care about team games because they are very fun when matchmaking works well. The whole “why don’t you just like something else” argument is very childish.

Private lobbies are OK but there are laggy players and it’s hard to see peoples ratings when they have 10 1v1 games and 0 team games so it’s tricky to find a balance.

Obviously there are a mountain of ideas on this forum to help with this, rated lobbies, arabia/arena/bf only queues, unlimited bans. We’ll just have to see what the devs do.


Very bad take. Your argument literally is ‘who cares’ (that is how your post started). And no, I don’t think ‘respectable people can leave 3 games in a row within say 3-4 days due to life circumstances’. And if they do, I think they could really use a long timeout, because they are apparently too busy to be playing the game.


Lol your post reminds me of someone who wanted to make Laming a bannable offence because in 1v1 it happens every match. Oh wait that was you too xD

Tanking elo should be a bannable offence, joining games and then resigning for no reason is stupid and ruins the game for everyone else. Disconnecting happens sometimes but it’s very rare. If people are too busy to play the game, then just don’t play it. Playing the game just to ruin the experience of others is a waste of time for everybody.


agree why would you think I disagree…

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it’s extremly important that every time one player quits right at the start of the game/after 5 minutes that you report him for quitting/being afk. And not only you should do that, but everyone in the gameroom. This way the player will be perma banned a lot faster and hopefully rethink what he is doing or just move on and search someone else to bully.

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Expect for people won’t get banned for this. You get banned for behavior that defies the rules like cheating, constant insulting or alt+f4 (this one is a technically enforced one by now). If someone waits til the 5 min mark or deletes all their vils scout and tc at the start to get defeated there is no ban.

One might consider this bad sportsmanship but other consider laming this way. Anyways both behaviors won’t lead to bans.

Do you have any viable source for that? For sure I’m reporting those people, but since it seems to get a bigger problem every day, i doubt, there is anything happening from those reports.

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I disagree, there should be more map bans instead.
You can only ban 1 map in 3v3 !
Not everyone is a “flex map / civ” player or want to be, especially at lower elos.


That would be another way to address this, and hopefully solve part of the problem.
But i assume you agree, that the problem of quitters exists and there needs to be done something about it.

In 1v1s, you should just be able to gain elo when the other player quits. I can’t see people complaining about getting elo without having to play.

Yes, it exists and it has to be fixed somehow.

So then you think it’s fair that a weaker player will get stomped by the person who left in your match, because he lost Elo for free and is now playing above his Elo rating? Elo is a mathematical model to create fair matches, and not a way to reward/punish players. If you get Elo for any other reason than skill, your Elo will be overinflated, and you’ll just get spanked in the next match.


people who quit because they dont like the map will just find another reason to quit if there are more map bans. they’ll quit because they dont like the civ matchup, or starting resources, or because the boar kills a vil.

A graceless hillock rose too near mine town center. No wonder thou wert victorious!


It is still a problem and i fell like it’s even increasing. For team games (just 2v2/3v3, i already disabled 4v4 for the quitter reason) i have in average to find about 2-3 games, to be able to play one, where nobody leaves early.
Any word from the devs about it?

No amount of extra punishment is going to make people play maps they don’t enjoy.
Real life similarity: people break the law, regardless of the punishment, you can raise the jail time or the fines, but some people will still break the law, but differently from real life, if somebody is fed up, he/she can stop playing the game and turn to something else, which is detrimental to the player base.
The solution isn’t more punishment, it’s more map bans.


I think this will help as well

The queues will be longer for some people but there should be fewer DOA games

I was pointing out there is a serious problem with the current situation that persists for quite a while now and that this problem should be addressed.

More/longer bans may improve the situation, but yes, it may not be a good solution to force players to play maps they don’t like.

So i agree, that more map bans would be quite a nice solution. Sure, it would make the queue time for people which use all there bans probably longer, but that’s their choice then. It would most likely also increase the complexity of the matchmaking algorithm, which could also be an issue, but one that can be solved.