Please give us a "Vills killed" stat

I would love to see a stat where I can see the number of vills I killed/lost. Like K/D but just for raids. Would be awesome if you could improve the stats we see after the game a bit. Cheers guys and thanks for your work devs!


The stats in general can be improved. This is just one of the things.

  • I am thing of some kind of time line where you can see when you did which research (This is already shown at the site of voobly).
  • I also thing about some kind of total resources gathered over time. Not just only the final number.

So i like your idea.

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It would be easily implemented if the amount of kills was displayed as such for units killed::
amount_of_all_units_killed (amount_of_eco_units_killed)
analogically for lost units:
amount_of_all_units_lost (amount_of_eco_units_lost)

amount_of_eco_units could be replaced with amount_of_military_units.
Either way it would be a useful additional information for further analytics after the game.

Maybe instead it would be better to insert in the brackets a percentage amount of military units killed round to the whole number so the readability is better.

To be honest right now, it would be useful to see the number of trade units in statistics.
I think the entire Statistics/Achievements Screen needs redesigning.

I think more stats are good in general. But, this specifically I think is good. I can evaluate how well my early rushes were when displayed on a timeline.

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Something that we need from AoM and AoE3: which soldier did we produce the most, and how much.

Maybe this kind of an info screen about current/built/killed/lost units ?

Sounds ever cooler!