Please , help me see this replay, he is cheater or Genius?

What a genius player, i kill more, greater economic, but still lose, he reaches imperial sooner than me and have too many trebuchet, i don’t know why?
his nickname is yoshimo.

LOL, i check replay, Konnik free gold, trebuchet free gold.

Not cheater at all

He worked on a 2 TC eco and spend 0 gold on any kind of eco/blacksmith upgrade the whole game apart from feudal age upgrades and bodkin+bracer, and made only 10 konniks in castle, so he was sitting on a lot of food and gold. It also took him about 5 minutes to amass the res needed to make 3 trebs. Oh, and not to mention that apart from 6 m@a, he pushed your army of archers and scouts with pikes and skirms in feudal, costing him little gold yet again. Oh, and a lot…A LOT of idle TC time.

Meanwhile you went for 3TC with continuous vil production, and spent your gold on upgrades, mangudai and siege that you sent to die to his castle and krepost. Oh, and 10 knights you made to fight his pikes under krepost fire.
At the point he clicked imp, both of you had roughly collected the same amount of resources, what mattered was where you both spent those (although yes, you had a 15 vil lead, that’s worth 750 food btw).

Lastly, during the last 10 minutes of the game, he pushed you with konniks and skirms, against your army of 15 mangudai, while trebbing your castles (and catching up the vil difference).
You had around 2k floating of each ressurce. And kept making mangudai against the skirms.

No, his gold went down when he made trebs and konniks. He also used the market a few times which explains spikes in his res amounts.

TLDR: he didn’t cheat, he just spent little resources in anything but the imperial age. Also, don’t make only mandugai when your opponent makes skirms.


Thanks for checking the replay @DankSulphur
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