Please help me with keyboard shortcuts and cheat codes

guys can you post keyboard shortcuts and cheat codes. It seems I forgotten everything in the past 10 yrs

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  1. Game Commands
    Ctrl+A Select and view Archery Range
    Ctrl+B Go to barracks
    Ctrl+S Go to blacksmith
    Ctrl+V Go to castle
    Ctrl+D Go to dock
    Ctrl+Z Go to lumber camp
    Ctrl+M Go to Market
    Ctrl+I Go to Mill
    Ctrl+G Go to Mining Camp
    Y Go to Monastery
    , Go to Idle Mllitary
    . Go to Idle Villager
    Space Go to Selected Object
    H Go to Town Center
    Ctrl+K Go to Siege Workshop
    Ctrl+L Go to Stable
    Ctrl+U Go to University
    F3 Pause The Game
    Backspace Go to Previous View
    F12 Save the game

  2. Unit commands ( After Clicking The Unit)
    T Atack ground
    C Convert
    Delete Delete unit
    B/V Build
    G Garrison
    E Heal
    P Pack
    R Repair
    I Set gather point
    S Stop
    L Unload
    U Unpack

  3. Castle
    Ctrl+V+R Build Trebuchet
    Ctrl+V+T Buils Unique Unit
    Ctrl+V+P Build Petard

  4. Villager Build
    B+A Build Archery Range
    B+S Build blacksmith
    B+V Build castle
    B+F Build farm
    B+/ Build gate
    B+G Build mining camp
    B+Q Build outpost
    B+E Build house
    B+I Build mill
    B+N Build postside wall
    B+L Build stable
    B+B Build barracks
    B+J Build bombard tower
    B+D Build dock
    B+R Build fish trap
    B+Z Build lumber camp
    B+W Build wall
    B+T Build tower
    B+M Build market
    B+Y Build Monastery
    B+K Build siege workshop
    B+U Build university
    B+W Build stone wall
    B+T Build tower
    B+O Build wonder
    B+N Build town center

  5. Tower Center
    H+W Go back work
    H+B Ring town bell
    H+C Create villager

  6. Dock
    Ctrl+D+G Longboat
    Ctrl+D+D Canon galleon
    Ctrl+D+F Demolition ship or heavy demolition ship
    Ctrl+D+R Fishing ship
    Ctrl+D+T Fire ship or fast fire ship
    Ctrl+D+A Trade dog
    Ctrl+D+S Galley, War galley, or Galleon
    Ctrl+D+P Transport ship
    Ctrl+D+S Turtle ship or Elite turtle ship

  7. Barracks
    Ctrl+B+G Eagle Warrior or Elite Eagle Warrior
    Ctrl+B+R Huskarl or Elite Huskarl
    Ctrl+B+S Militia, Man-at-Arm, Champion
    Ctrl+B+E Spareman, Pikeman, or Helberdier

  8. Archery Range
    Ctrl+A+A Archer or Arbalest
    Ctrl+A+C Carvalry Ancher
    Ctrl+A+E Hand cannoneer
    Ctrl+A+R Skirmisher or elite skirmisher

  9. Stable
    Ctrl+L+C Camel
    Ctrl+L+N Knight, Paladin
    Ctrl+L+T Scout cavalry

  10. Siege workshop
    Ctrl+K+R Battering Ram, Capped Ram, or Siege Ram
    Ctrl+K+C Bombard Cannon
    Ctrl+K+A Mangonel, Onager
    Ctrl+K+N Scorpion

  11. Monastery
    Ctrl+Y+S Missionary
    Ctrl+Y+T Monk

  12. Market
    Ctrl+M+T Trade cart
    Ctrl+I+F Reseed Farm

  13. Millitary units (After Clicking Military Units)
    A Agressive
    W Box
    D Defensive
    F Plank
    C Follow
    X Guard
    Q Line
    O No attack
    Z Patrol
    E Staggered
    N Stand ground

I am assuming you are meaning AOE 1 original right?

Cheats are:
To enter the following cheats, you must press [Enter] anytime during gameplay. Next, type the letters to the left, and press [Enter].


|1000 food bonus|PEPPERONI PIZZA|
|1000 gold bonus|COINAGE|
|1000 stone bonus|QUARRY|
|1000 wood bonus|WOODSTOCK|
|Accelerates your Chariot Archers|UPSIDFLINTMOBILE|
|All enemy units die|DIEDIEDIE|
|black sports car with a rocket launcher|BIGDADDY|
|Buildings and units are created instantly|STEROIDS|
|Changes all birds into Dragons|King Arthur|
|Create a guy in a white suit with a quick- fire laser gun|PHOTON MAN|
|Creates a guy in a white suit with a slow- firing nuke gun|E=MC2 TROOPER|
|Creates a White Sports Car|Big Momma|
|Creates baby with rocket launcher|POW|
|Creates some sort of walker|Stormbilly|
|Gives you control over nature (but lose control over your own civilization)|GAIA|
|Kill player X|KILLX|
|Priests are faster and stronger|HOYOHOYO|
|Removes the fog of war|NO FOG|
|Reveals the map|REVEAL MAP|
|Transforms villagers to Medusas|MEDUSA|
|Turns a Bowman into a Composite Bowman which turns into a tree when not moving|DARK RAIN|
|Turns Heavy Catapults into Big Berthas|BIG BERTHA|
|Turns Horse Archers into Black Riders|BLACK RIDER|
|Upgrade your Catapult Tiremes/Juggernauts into Flying Dutchmen|FLYING DUTCHMAN|
|Win the battle|die die die|
|You lose the game|HARI KARI|
|You resign|RESIGN|
|You win the game|HOME RUN|
|Your Ballistas and Helepolis have a 99+1 range|ICBM|
|Your catapults and stone throwers fire villagers, cows, etc.|JACK BE NIMBLE|


Thank you sir. Hoyohoyo helped the Ave Caesar Britain mission

Welcome :slight_smile:

Happy gaming.

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