Please HELP with replacing textures!

I’m using DE. I wish to do something simple - recolor the Cherry Orchard’s canopy. Here’s what I did:

  1. Made a new unit in protomods (I’m pretty good at the xml code stuff by now) which is a copy of the Cherry Orchard

  2. Used Resource Manager to extract the .bar files from ArtBuildings and ArtBuildingsTextures2, where the Orchard’s files are located

  3. Put the files into my mod folder, keeping the folder structure intact

  4. Rename just the innermost folder to something unique and also rename it in protomods just to check if the game recognizes my new buillding

  5. Go into scenario editor to test, the game can see it

  6. Convert “asian_orchard_mata_BaseColor” from ddt to tga, open it with Krita, recolor the pink parts to a different color, save the tga files

  7. Used AoE3ED’s FileConverter to convert them back to ddt, replaced the texture file with recolored .ddt

  8. Modified all Material and XML files in the modded unit folder to refer to the path of the new files, taking into account the renamed folder too

  9. Go into the game and expect the Orchard to be recolored


Please tell me, what am I doing wrong? So far I’ve done some pretty good workarounds in the code to “change” stuff that looks hardcoded, I was proud of myself. But this is driving me crazy, protomods points to the modded folder, all paths point to the recolored textures, the textures are in ddt, and the game disregards it all.

If you’ve ever recolored something in DE, this should be child’s play for you! Any help is appreciated, I’m pretty desperate.

Commenting to see if this can get some answers!

Does anyone know the answer to this? I am having a similar issue. I convert it back to ddt using the Resource Manager. When viewed in game the model’s colors all are striped like a zebra.

Hey, I released update for Resource Manager today. It includes fix for tga to ddt conversion