Please hire more developers

Hello Age of Empires Community :slight_smile:

In the seasons roadmap where a lot of features listed. I was satisfied to see that they further develop the game even though the unfortunately declining player numbers.

But… there were only features listed which should already be there at release :’( Features we already know and miss from other Age of Empires game :frowning: No mention of new cool civs, new game mods or similar…

I remember how one of my best friends, my brother and I first play AOE4. We all are Age of Empires lovers who played the previous games during childhood in epic battles.

We were so excited about the game.

There was no cool intro like in AOE3 but that’s just a detail. In the multiplayer looby we wrote numbers in order to make taunts. The taunts we love and we say for joking, even when we not play AOE4 :smiley:

But there were only numbers :’( We were a little bit speechless and could not believe this is not possible. We said something like let us that google it is of course possible…

Why we can not choose our color? Why all team mates have the same color and the enemies? Disappointing… Later I saw that you can at least use a setting that everyone has an other color.

Diplomacy? Not an option…

When my friend was dead in game he said I want to see now how you fight against our enemies. He couldn’t…

We all felt disappointed about the mentioned points and other (to make the post not too long) things.

To be fair. There were also nice things like the unique play of the civs. Even though there could be more unique units per civ.

Nevertheless we had fun. We all thought the missing features, new civs, new features and other things will come fastly. Especially because the game was so successful at launch.

We played several times together and alone. We asked other friends to play with us and they did.

But my best friend played less and less because the only thing they added were bug fixes and balancing changes after a long time.

After a while he stopped playing the game completely. When I see him he often asks me about the game. Did they add new civs? Are there cheats now…? Unfortunately I have to answer all those questions with no.

My brother now only plays sometimes when I ask him. It gets harder and harder to motivate my other friends for a game.

When the development will not be much faster I will be the last from us who plays AOE4 and lots of the remaining players will stopp playing AOE4 :’(

Please hire more developers. The development must be much faster. Please don’ t let AOE4 die. It would be very sad.

I think the existing developers do a good job. They listen to the feedback and do their hardest. But I feel they are not enough developers.

When they develop the points of the seasons roadmap faster and then can start faster to add new civs, features and other things the game has a chance to attract new players or players who stopped playing the game.

I believe that hiring more developers will pay off long term. There are enough people who like Age of Empires in general. Also lots of people already own the game who might come back after new content was released.

I really think there is a chance to save the game and I hope so from the bottom of my heart.

I apologize for the long post. But I would like to mention how I feel about AOE4.

Kond regards


Most of the PUP patch is garbage anyways. No real fix for anything. Only crap balance changes that do nothing. its really disappointing.

Only thing good about Pup patch is MOD support and custom maps. THE CRAFTED STAIC MAPS THAT PEOPLE MADE IN 2 WEEKS ARE 100% BETTER THEN WHAT WEE GOT NOW. sorry but its true and even popular utubers agree. 100% better maps.

Switch ladder play maps with these would be a step in the right direction for this game. Also hire the dev of “Realistic mod” and add that to this game. 100% better. In fact just hire more devs that can add in the other half of the missing features. and a coder that can fix the drop hack problem.
Drop hack needs to be fixed this patch or ladder is useless.

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They’re hiring and they have open job postings for pretty much each position you listed.


Happy to hear that :slight_smile:

Where did you get the information? I saw software developer jobs on the relic website. But I’m not sure if they are for AOE4 or other games of relic.

Mmm sigo pensando que si relic hubiese tenido el apoyo de forgotten empires y tantalus, el juego hubiese quedado genial, pero eso si el age 2 y 3 no hubieran tenido actualizaciones tan cercanas, forgotten empires se encarga del 2 y tantalus del 3, lo curioso es que tanto forgotten como tantalus ahora están desarrollando dlc´s para sus respectivos juegos xd.