Please hotfix team games malian cows into aachen burgrave spam

Hi devs and others,

Ever since Drongo casted a team game where the malian + HRE used cows next to aachen to rush burgrave into mass MAA this has become the default in 2on2, 3on3 and 4on4. Pretty much every team goes for this combination now and I really doubt it is just us if we say: it is broken AF.

We the only ones or does this feels like a hotfix would be welcome? I know the strat is new but still… even theoretic counters only feel very iffy.


I dunno, I’ve done this as mongol dozen of times, and nobody batted an eye.
use to be even more broken with mongol+rus boosting the rus bounty to max and gold by giving him some pastures.

regardless. I tbh don’t see the issue, Mali will be the weak point and thus the focus of attack. An archermass should be able to deal with the first initial man at arms waves untill they get ranged armor upgrades.
Then transition to feudal knights if you civ have it.

Regardless, the tactic has a major weakness and that is Malian leaves themself quite exposed and easy to raid, forcing the HRE to start protecting his teammate. Only think the Malian can defend himself with is non-gold units such as Donzos and archers, which horsemen/knights+archers shud be able to plow through just fine with some micro.

Then also the one taking the brunt of the maa spam at the beginning just need to build some extra defenses, a few palisade walls at the right location and funnel the maa into cross-fire between towers, TC and archers.

is it cause Beasty lost?
They just chilled and went for 2TC on close map. 1000% deserved to lose.

It’s even for FREE.

The real issue has always been HRE’s unstoppable super fast castle into burger palace and HRE MAA stacking upgrades.
Why is that?
Because there is no counter to MAA in Feudal, except knights (2 civs). Even then, HRE MAA can easily get the anti-heavy unit upgrade, or just make spears. Since HRE can get Burgrave faster than the speed your ex ran away from you, there is no way to match their MAA number with xbow if you even manage to hit Castle too. Movement speed upgrade seal the deal bc there would be no way in hell for xbow to kite them.


There are two current problems:

  1. Being able to put your market right next to a neutral market and do a “one way” initial trade route
  2. Mali toll outposts allowing for instant resource collection, making #1 here super powerful.

HRE is fine…its Mali in team games that needs a rework.

I’m not convinced this is actually OP.

You could already do this with professional scouts and Aachen which has been done in team game show matches before.

If the Malian player is devoting so many resources to the HRE player then they should be vulnerable, especially at their pit mines. The other team still has two players.

As for this issue. I think they should just fix #1. Make it so that traders have to reach their “home” market before they can go to a neutral market and collect gold.

It’s clearly #####ble to give such “memory” to the trader unit as the Mali traders each track their tolls.

It’s kind of a silly exploit anyway and if necessary they could just rebalance trade around not being able to do this. It would also fix the Mali toll exploit at the same time.