Please improve AI buidings spacing - pls dont ignore this opinion in the minority

Thank you age of empires II DE making recent bug fix on the resources update! here is another one I’d like to see it addressed.

I am probably way in the minority here but please dont brush this off as a worthless request. me and my friends play with AI a lot and we love playing against extreme AI because they are very hard!.

problem is we find AI make buildings and spacing between each building is only 1 unit size on map (allows a wall to be build in between buildings) and this only allows 1 unit to go past 1 at a time. often times it’ll end in cluster of units getting blocked because 1 going right the other unit going left causing a traffic jam.

please change AI so allows 2 units size spacing between buildings (allows a house or 2 walls to be build within that spacing), this includes along edges of trees so theres way less traffic jam occurring and gives less headache if you have an AI ally that blocks you with w/e they build.


100% agreed. This is much of the reason the No Collision Trade mod was created.


Yo, big issue Devs you better pay attention. Esp. on deathmatch bots just go crazy the way they build their bases is sad. They almost never wall as well. More Walls and better spacing. Bots should at least be able to build a nice base instead of a sloppy random mess.

This reminded me of another noticeable issue, the AI always clusters all Castles at one place one tile apart, which can be easily navigated around with Cavalry to raid the vulnerable TCs behind them. Would have been much better if the AI distributed the castles around itself.

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@Juggernaut8704 yes I agree, I notice that too.

This is such a huge issue that has never been addressed. I’d love to see the AI group building like how humans do and or space them further apart if that is not possible.

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This needs to be prioritized for the next update in DE. Do it. Do it now.


are there any update to fix this coming? really hope to see this addressed

bump…so after 2 major update, one in april and the new one now in may this still hasn’t been addressed.

can the dev share reason why its not being fixed? just not enough time? at least let us know if its going to get fixed or not.

I would just see a better AI in general. I really dont know why they didnt try to something like Barbarian as standard AI. It was just the best AI. Why not just put it into the game as base AI?

I dont know the AI is already compatible for DE, if can put that AI into the game as custom AI and you will play with/against a better AI. It will solve your issues most likely.

Did you know that the devs added an ingame taunt number 69 for “delete building at flared location” and you can command your AI to delete any building anywhere by typing that taunt(69) and using the Flare on the building.

so if you flare, they delete and rebuild, what you do then? flare 100s of times per game?

also, what do you do when its enemy AI? they block their own trade route with army and also ruins the game.

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Game Version:

  • Build: latest version
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 8
  • Gamertag: thieftdp

first of all thank you to devs updated AOE2DE, some issue still needs to be addressed.


AI build spacing still only allows 1 tile spacing, needs to allow 2 to prevent enemy AI units block themselves or a massive clog of trade carts, also not to block our army when building in our town.

Reproduction Steps:

play 3v3 or 4v4 on medium to large map black forest. let the game go on 1hr+ and it’ll almost always happen.

oh man this is almost 1 year ago posted this issue, can this finally be addressed or is it hard coded?

damn awkward to see my own post from so long ago.