Please increase the amount of wood on island maps!

The wood on island maps really doesn’t last very long. Especially team games where it can easily goes beyond 40 mins and wood starts to run out. So whoever pick Portuguese will get auto win. I’m sure many people have this kind of complaints.

Please increase the amount of wood per tree, just for island maps, maybe rework the island style maps or release new version that contain more wood for ranked play?

In aoe3 they recently added a card to Haude civ which make trees generate 500% more wood, to solve the late game wood running out problem for that civ. Similar inspiration can be found for aoe2

BTW I also want to see more maps with neutral market so that late game there are unlimited gold, so we don’t have to use 3 trash units forever until wood runs out. (not every map need that, just potential new maps)


I think there should be a version of trees that just have more wood.
So map designers can make water maps that have a lot of wood available.

That doesn’t mean the existing maps have to be changed.

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There already are. Trees can have 50, 100, 150 or 200 wood. Afaik it would also be possible to generate trees with even higher wood amounts, just not in the scenario editior.

Aren’t they bigger though? Or did I mix that up. Some African terrains have big trees that are spaces out.

Running low on wood so quickly is probably one of the reasons why people hate playing on many water maps.
But that issues is not limited to AoE2, it’s a recurring AoE problem.

No, they are still 1 tile. On most maps they are spaced out, but that has nothing to do with the tree per se.

I already wrote on a different topic one Idea of mine:

Treasure Islands that slowly generate Gold and Wood which can be collected by trade cogs.

This would make the island games less stalematy cause once someon completely controls the water he is the only one who has access to the unlimited res supply.

I guess aoe4 not so much because you can trade for wood for some civs, and there are more resources generating building, also there is no need for farm reseeding. Aoe3 most of civs have unlimited wood by factory or equivalent buildings. So it is just aoe2 problem.

I would also love to see trees regrow somehow.

I agree with you. Remove relics and add treasure islands.
Tons of players ignore water and go for landing and investing water become handicap.

Yes, this is possible in a random map script (although it’s more of a hassle to code for trees than for other resources for some reason).

They take up one tile but are more spaced out – but again, you can write a random map script where they don’t have the usual spacing.

So I guess the solution is a Baobab Islands map, where every tree is a 200-wood baobab!

I’m fine with the way islands (and other limited res maps) are, but I think the idea of adding new maps with more resources (and/or more new resource types) is cool.

Both of these can be done in the Scenario Editor.

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