Please introduce a real INDIAN civ

Please add a new playable True Indian Civilization, not the villain muslim invaders that No real indian would want to play.

Just bought the game and really disappointed at seeing muslim oppressors in india. I am sure most indians would not buy the game after they see that.

It could have been Indian Rajput kingdoms, Southern Indian deccan kingdoms, Maratha kingdoms, or even Northern Sikh kingdom of Punjab. But they have the muslim invader villains who repeatedly invited foreign armies to slaughter the native indian citizens during their oppressive rule.

India is the 2nd most populous country and AOE 4 has lost a lot of those customers due to this blunder.

Microsoft has promised to add an Indian DLC belonging to Hindu civilization.


The level of brain washing happening in India… Every victor civilization have been the oppressor even Indian civilizations.

Also your understanding about civilization is wrong. Civilization does not refer to countries we have today. India isn’t a civilization. There were many many civilization in this region. And Dehli Sultantes is one of so called “True Indian civilization”. Your post should have been more focused on Hindu Civilizations.


You can’t have multiple civs and expect them all to have been friends in the past my dude

Please add a new playable True British Civilisation not the villian Anglo-Saxon invaders that No real Briton would want to play.


No one mentioned India as civilization. Whether true Indian civilization or not you need to ask majority of Indian and have a vote. Their influence on India is minimum whether on culture or language. There has been more powerful, stronger and much more influential Civilization in India than Delhi Sultanate. Please read more history. There is no brainwashing. Raiders who were responsible for destroying temples wealth universities and doing massacres, you think as Indian people will consider it true. Moreover their influence I don’t see much except for some buildings and tombs.

The name Delhi Sultanate shouldn’t have been used if the intention was not to represent India. Its more like Ghaznavid dynasty. Or Central Asian or Persian Afghan Dynasty or something. I don’t consider it to be representative of Indian civilization in any way.


Please add a new playable True Asian Civilization not the villain China and Mongolian invaders that no real Asian would want to play.


The Delhi and Mughal civilizations and other Muslim ruled countries dominated India for the majority of the 13th through 19th centuries, leaving Hindu countries relegated to smaller eastern or southern Indian nations, most of which not having a large impact outside of regions of the subcontinent.

Not to mention Indian is a modern concept as created by the British Raj, prior to that time, different parts of India could hardly even be considered the same or similar cultures.

Adding minor nations like Punjab, Maratha or Vijayanagara before including civilizations such as Khmer, Ottomans, Byzantines, Spanish, etc would frankly be an insult.


If you have problem with a civ, dont play. Devs didn’t add these civs so people could relate to them, they added them because these civs were most influential in that era. Dehli Sultanates ruleed over 300 years.

In history, India refers to indian subcontinent not India as a country. And yes, in the subcontinent it was very influential in its era. There will be more civs coming later and I don’t see why it is a problem.

We can take any civilization and talk about what they did wrong.

It wasn’t. It was representing Indian subcontinent.

any source?___________

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Please cite your authority.

There is a lot of hate in this post. The sultanate of Delhi ruled over North India for a long time and was one of the largest empires of the time in the world.

They protected India from Mongol invasions many times during this period and had many contributions to art and culture etc.

I’m Indian and I’m sorry to say that the current situation in India is one that is extremely Islamophobic and all Muslim rule is being projected as oppressive. One might say that Rajput rule is also oppressive since the Rajputs forced their women to burn themselves alive after lost battles etc.

People are okay with having Delhi in the game.


The Devs agree to add an Indian civ to address the Community’s concerns - Age of Empires IV / IV - Discussion - Age of Empires Forum

"While the Delhi Sultanate is the first Age IV civilisation set in South Asia, we chose to do this so we can revisit this region via future expansions and explore an indigenous Hindi-speaking civilisation being represented in the game as well,” a Microsoft spokesperson confirms.”


I don’t think there are that much Indian who play RTS games, certainly fewer than even SEA country like Vietnam

I’d be careful with wording there they did not promise anything they just acknowledged the existence of other cultures in India and that they would ‘explore’ a Hindi civ at some undetermined point, no guarantee we would see a civ. I dont see a promise there at all personally.

Thank you for suggesting Mr. who ?

How many devs did you talk to?

The wordings might be aggressive for the post. But the reality is that there is a reason people hate and it has nothing to do with Islamophobia. If some empire brings innovation, technological growth, trade and prosperity then it has all the respect. Akbar being muslim was and has been respected in India.
Instead this Sultanate especially earlier Mamluks have bought destruction and oppression of masses.

How much negative vs how much positive of an empire lasts its impression on any place. Would you represent China by Mongols?

Also its not even that influential of civ to be added as one of the CORE civs in AOE4. Doesnt make sense. Why not just got for Ottoman empire instead. I am happy India not represented rather than represented wrongly. People playing Delhi will relate to India as it is ■■■■■ capital, Delhi sultanate is moreover not even a dynasty, its an umbrella term for short lived dynasties over 300 years. It gives wrong impression about culture and tradition of India which is not influenced by sultanate.

I guess its true. Thats why lack of due diligence or lack of proper research before designing this particular civ. Or maybe there are more Pakistani Afghanistani and Irani players than Indians.

Just talk about this partiicular 600 years of history which suits you and leave the other 2000 years of history to gutter? What a play

And please be careful before exaggerating to extra 100 years. If they were so influential why its not seen India? Domination that was mainly based on destruction and conversion. Not to mention Maratha almost kicked Mughal out before the Raj.

Sir this is a medieval game, if you wanna flex those other 2000 years of history go to AOE1 lmao.


What is your definition of medieval age? What era ? Lets talk about that. I will try to cover as much as possible.

Chinese civilization in game is based on 650A.D to 1600A.D. They mention since 907 but that doesnt make sense as Tang dynasty was almost dead.

Talk about India Grouping 5 short lived dynasties as Delhi sultanate for 300 years since 1200-1500 is not bigger than grouping Rajput dynasties since 700-1200 for 500 years Gujara Pratihara, rashtrakutas and Chalukyas to name a few. Could have grouped Gupta vardhana and Harsha too. That would have been from 300-800 A.D. Then you will say its before 650.

I havent even talked about other big South Indian kingdoms.

These have big influence on modern India. Indian players would certainly relate to them if played.