Please, Just remove Flemish Revolution out of the game

The title says it all, it’s a really terribly design tech. Noobs don’t like it, average players don’t like it, advanced players don’t like it, Pro players also dislike it (particularly Hera and Viper if you watched their review PUP videos), my friends absolutely despise it, No one I asked like the tech.

And then in PUP patch, Dev reworked the price and nerf Flemish militia’s stats to discourage people from using it in all level…then what’s the point of keeping something that people are discouraged to get? Just remove it out of the game and give Burgundian some new tech, please.

Some options I have in mind:

  1. Ransom (900 food): killed knight line units and constellier and champion line units return 33% gold, doesn’t affect units converted by monked ( this was their old bonus civ bonus but now as a tech )

  2. Revolutionist (200f 400g): Replace gold cost with wood cost for Flemish Milita ( (I think this unit should just be automatically unlocked at imperial age. Since the stat is nerfed significantly, It’s ok to be a trash unit, a side grade of halberdier).


I like Flemish Revolution.

Me too…is like Ragnarok of AoM…

I don’t like the tech for the same reasons as OP. It’s badly designed and frankly has no place in AoE II. Flemish Revolution is okay on paper, but it’s executed horribly, and rather than nerfing it, the devs really should have replaced it with something else that’s more enticing. If a unique technology is useless, then there’s no point in it existing.

Well they wanted to try new things and mechanics, I do not see it bad either, but criticism is accepted…


Wırh new patch, Flemish Revolution is balanced, no need to change I think.

I mean, sure it’s “balanced” but why would anyone get it aside performing some masterpiece move? It’s a “either you win or you lose” tech, no come back after you research it. And with so much nerf on the unit itself, why bother?

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I love it when they try new things like the new chieftain effect in PUP or Serjeants who can build Donjons , but when the new thing doesn’t work out for many people, I think it should be removed tbh.


Or they can correct it…


Which means to remove it.


Get them out of the game…

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