Please let Spain get conquistadores from the home city

It’s not right to begin with that Spain can’t train their most iconic unit from the time they conquered the Americas which this game focuses on.

And either the Aztecs or the Incas can get conquistadores from their home city, so why can’t Spain? They should get some way to get them without requiring a Jesuit camp on the map.
Either from a home city shipment or either a card or level up politician could enable them at the saloon.

Heck best might be if they replace the Dragoon for Spain.

Either way, this is something I’d love to see changed.

Thalius article on STEAM forum, I helped bring it here


Dragoon >>>>>> Conquistador

Why would they do it?

Because its a Spanish unit and makes sense in many ways?

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So you want to nerf spain? Because what good would a conquistador shipment would BE if they are worse than goons?

(Plus, guys in armour and rifle on horses are not exclusive to spain, nor are the jesuíts)

I actually like this idea. It would add more unique flavor and improve historical accuracy. They could change the stats/cost to make the conquistador slightly different from a dragoon, but still competitively viable (currently conquistadors are too expensive for their stats). They could also update all of the cavalry combat cards to affect conquistadors as well.


You know how the game works yes?
You know units are… how you call it ? Change able? XD


Not only that, jesuit missions should appear in south american maps too