Please let us ban more maps

I’d rather wait another 10 minutes for a match than play another water map. Being able to ban only 3 maps is waay too few considering how many are in rotation.


There is a reason why you don’t like water map? I assume you intend hybrid map becuase I don’t think there are full water map in rotation

I agree that for QM there needs to be at least 5 bans. No idea why they reduced the amount. For ranked 3 seems fine considering how small the map pool is

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I personally love watermaps. I hope they keep the ban number low. Not that Banning actually help.
People still dodge maps, even in ranked.
And ranked map pool is super tiny anyway.
I’d want to avoid playing on dry arabia 24/7 even though its the people’s favourite.


Yea so if people are dodging anyways just let them play what they want. Instead of forcing them to play something they don’t, cause that’s a nice way to make people hate the game.

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I personally don’t think the water change is ready yet, although it’s in a slightly better state than before.

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