Please let us choose starting positions in custom multiplayer games

Hi there,
So the past couple of months me and 3 other friends have been playing AoE 2 DE pretty much constantly. We used to play AoE II back in the day when we were just kids. We are about 30 now and love how Age has come back alive.

We noticed 1 thing however. The game does not give us an option to choose our starting positions. We tried changing our colors to match the ones on the map preview, we tried selecting team positions/ team together all of it. But apart from starting close to each other it seems to always be random or preset. We havn’t been able to play certain types of maps the way we would like because of it. Can we please get this feature added in an update. Choosing our positions creates so much more ways to play the game. We really want to discover that!

Thank you

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Well it should work if you click the lock starting position (or is it called team position?). Then the players in one team should spawn together and the one with the colour in the middle (for example red if your teammates are blue and green) will be in the pocket position.
However, you can not decide if you spawn in clockwise or counter clockwise. That is always random. You can not choose which flank players will meet each other…

Toggle both Team Together and Team Positions in the lobby options

then your 2 colors in the middle will be pockets, and 2 outer colors are flank

So from what I understand there is no way to specifically choose the starting point for each player?

I want to show you the example. My friends and I were trying out the special map “Jungle Lanes” as you can see in the picture.

There is a hill in the middle splitting the map in two. We were playing 3 vs 3 which made setting this up very complicated.

We wanted our starting positions to be on one side of the middle and the enemies on the other side. But whatever we did in all cases atleast one team member and enemy was on the wrong side which really didn’t make the map work.

Now we tried making 6 or 7 lobbies trying out the colors yellow, orange and cyan and giving enemies blue red and purple… Didn’t worl. We did teams together only. Didn’t work. Teams together and team positions. Didn’t work. We tried different color combinations on those to just to try out and see if positions change. They didn’t always we were put randomly and atleast one of us was on the other side of the hill. I really wished we could just choose our positions based on the color on the map preview as an option or give the starting position a number or letter like games like Red Alert 2.

How would you solve this in this case?

The Special Maps are a different case.

and also theres not a way to choose a player’s location on the map. Only thing you can do is to choose who will be in the middle in a team, and who will be on the edges.

for example on all the standard maps, if you turn on team positions:

lets say if your team has colors 1,3,4,5 for example, and enemy team has 2,6,7,8. your pockets will be 3,4 and their pockets will be 6,7

But yeah on Special Maps with such specific spawn points this option doesn’t work I think

The special maps and the real world maps haven’t been updated to use the new tech for team positions. The standard maps do. Submit a request for the map scripts to be overhauled if that’s what you want. You could also find someone to make the script for you so you can play with your friends (but that would be a mod and not part of the official game).

Otherwise, starting positions in custom multiplayer games is a feature

Ok I found this thread because of the following similar problem: I chose real world map, Central America. 2 players, me and the computer. Every time it puts us both at the bottom two locations in what would be the southern end of Central America. This means we are side by side and one team is ALWAYS cut off from everything. This is so dumb. Why doesn’t it put you far apart from each other on the map? I don’t care about where I am, just don’t put me at the end of a peninsula trapped between water and the enemy!! Put one at the top and one at the bottom, not both at the bottom

I’m not that right… can you read what I just posted below and let me know if you or someone else can help me submit that?