PLEASE make 4v4 maps smaller

it’s way to big man like the dots on the map are tiny and i am an aggro player most of my games dont last more than idk 10 min in 1v1/2v2,

please make it so early push is viable in 4v4 too man it’s way too big

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No. Make them bigger again lol.

Stop trying to make 4v4 like 1v1.


So play 1v1 and 2v2? If all 4 players on a team went hyperaggro, then it is viable. But most people are clicking 4v4 as 1 player and matching with 3 randos.

Do all your games last that long because if your fuedal all in doesnt make them GG out by 10, you do? Lol

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4 vs 4 is still 1 vs 1, just with more players.

Half the present size and remove Dark Age.

1v1 is just 4v4 with less players. Double the map size :slight_smile:

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And what about Dark Age? It takes up too much time and space.

Clearly we need smaller maps to combat starting in Feudal.

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the kind of dude who wants to push with 4 english or french a poor guy and create a 4v3 at 5min

speak for yourself.

Current situation: as pocket you can not do EVEN french knights, cause until knights reach opponent, the opponent will hit imperial or will make some walls.
Only a few maps allow feudal agression… and (to someone surprize) these maps all new.
There are already enough maps for imperial age.

And it’s with the situation, there people boom in feudal.

Nah mate, YOU speak for yourself but don’t presume to speak for the rest of us.

If your knights aren’t reaching the enemy before Imperial age (I am aware you are being hyperbolic) then that sounds like a skill issue or a ping issue :wink:

Following the last patch it is inevitable that the premade RK/LB ram rush element of the community will be feeling the changes pretty hard. But honestly I honestly think the changes are for the greater good.

For the greater good

he speculate to “create an idea that ” would benefit".
But it was different. Rushers sneaked into stealth forest to build rams, so you did not have time to run with your army for help. (or if you understood from another flang that your teammate in big trouble → no time for army to reach.

anyway, back to the topic.

Just tested for you.
Hill and Dale
English (as flang)

  1. obv archers wont be in time to any opponent).
  2. feudal + 2 stables (as english)
  3. Horses come to HRE than he was already in castle. KEKW.
  4. horses died to and knight.

Fun fact, if paladins somehow pass through walls on Hill and Dale. You can alft4 as English/any non cavalery civ.
Cavalry just run around + killing bases.
With mangudai is even worse.

And imagine you killed cavalary in another corner. you have 150 popspace.
In aoe2 i deleted some army to teleport (cause it would create faster)

Sum up: I love imperial fights, but hate Hill and Dale, cause every game ended with some mangudai/paladin sneaks. Always. If not French have no idea how to counteк without honeycombs.
but devs referer on stream how amazing to watch on honeycombs walls… i have an idea who designed the map

High view
English scout rush.(as pocket)
Come to HRE before he hit castle (!) + force his reaction to build tower…a minute after he went up.
Worth it? No. It’s better to boom.

i did not argue with that…LOL. But some maps are still too big.
How we could do in aoe2: just select size for 6 players. Here it’s fixed. Can not test other size in custom. cause need to remake the whole map.

I feel it depends on the map. For ex: In aoe2 if you que up black forest then you know 100% you are in for a long game. Other maps you don’t really know what you are going to get.

They already decreased the size from Gigantic to Large and you still want them smaller?
I feel Large is appropriate for 4v4. If it’s taking too long to travel with units, create a forward operating base that’s closer to the enemy.

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So you’re saying you won’t be able to rush HRE before they reach castle?

Have you tried reading other threads on this site?

It’s not a map issue it’s an HRE issue as they are somewhat over tuned at the moment I guess you might say.

re read above, i’ve pointed a few problems.

in 1vs1 HRE can not do brainless FC and make knights before your scouts reach the opponents base.

maa / pikes / archers is not a play.
units just removed from most of the maps

If they change super Gigantic to Gigantic. I do not care.

all i care, now i feel some maps are still too big.

proxy base in team game the best idea i’ve heard (no)

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Yes, boulder bay, for example, it can take a very long time for the players at the back to reach the opposing players. And getting army onto the island also takes an eternity via transport ships for the front players.