Please make a change for Burmese's Manipur Cavalry

My changes are simple.

  1. Make Manipur cavalry a castle age tech. With the new buff to their elephant, it’s so redundant to have their current castle age tech to be in castle age. Switching place will make Burmese less vulnerable to archer in castle age.

  2. Make Manipur cavalry affect their Cavalry Archers. By making Manipur cavalry affect their cav archer, they would serve as a glass cannon option against other archers in castle age, possibly help them survive Xbow flood.


100% agree with the first change, it would make Burmese probably more or less competetive on open maps

I think the second change is alright, but I’d rather have it affect Arambai, so they can actually use their UU again (you never need it, because it counters melee units, and Burmese already have great tools to handle those)


manipur cavalry: 400 food,400 gold. +5 ap againts archers to cavaliers, imperial age tech
stirrups: 400 food,200 gold,%33 attack speed to cavaliers, castle age tech.

Burmese hussar will deal 3x(7+4+5)=48 damage in 3 attacks againts archers;at the same time, bulgarian hussar will deal 4x(7+4)=44 damage in 4 attacks againts every units.


i congratulate you on the math, but the game doesnt only work like that

archers have armour. burmese hussars do 13 x 3 = 39

bulgarians do 8 x 4 = 32

making burmese LC better vs xbow but worse vs arbs (both need an extra hit to kill FU arbs)

but now compare higher MA values, like HCA + PT

bulgarians are only doing 6 dmg, but burmese are doing 11

burmese 11 x 3 = 33
bulgarian 6 * 4 = 24

burmese 8 hits to kill HCA. 14 hits for bulgarians

CA are actually burmese weak point, xbow/arb can be dealt with using siege. (mangonel and then SE, onager, BBC and even generic hussar are all the tools you need)

that being said i still think manipur should either shift an age earlier, or buff the damage up to 6(turns hussars into absolute monsters though). the problem with an age earlier, is its a very expensive tech for castle age, which means like a discount as well

Remove the BE civ bonus and UT become +2/+2 to BE. Give them a new civ bonus to help against archers. This will be better than UT.

If burmese cant access 2nd archer armor, maybe give their skirmisher more bonus dmg vs archers such that the skirmishers kill archers faster than archers kill the skirmishers.

Exactly. I think just make Manipur Cavalry free but only +3 vs archer. Then bring back old effect of the tech but don’t give it to Arambai.

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Good idea. So that there will not be castle melting Arambai and Burmese can still keeping their identity that they can only counter archer with calvary

which is ironic, because before this people asked for the UT to become the civ bonus, because that UT is expensive on a very situational unit. whereas making it a civ bonus, makes it easier to get the situational unit

its also double ironic, because back when it was +1/1 people said it would be OP to become +1/2, nevermind +2/2

so like a buffed version of persians or poles? iaw just making burmese more of a knight civ (which we already have tons of)

opponent is an archer civ? just spam scouts in feudal, and make more knights in castle type of vibe?

in feudal, burmese scouts kill archers in 4 instead of 6 hits (with armour its 5 instead of 8)… huge buff imo. i know burmese are considered weak, but is this justified?

someone should do the math on how much this actually helps vs CA? i think its better the way it currently is WITH tweaking, because CA become a threat later (when the UT comes)

i think making the BE (elephants again) more usable, will help them vs archer civs while helping them keep their identity(they’re supposed to be a monk and elephant civ) instead of being yet another “more knights” civ

if we buff BE like i keep suggesting, improve speed from 0.85(0.94 w husbandry) to 0.9 (0.99 with husbandry), it means BE can actually chase xbows

Other than a handful exception, civ Bonuses are stronger than Team Bonuses.

Can be +1/+2/+3, staggered with ages.

Rest assure that won’t happen. If they wanted to do so, DOI expansion was the perfect opportunity.

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Yeah could work. Although a clone of poles in feudal it becomes basically Magyar v archers until upgrades come in, then effectively becomes Persians, because you almost never use LC in castle age. Still different enough from all the existing ones I guess.

And return old Manipur without affecting arambai?

I’m more against the idea of Burmese becoming a generic cavalry civ, than the actual effect itself.

Lol well it took many tries for gunpowder, SL and militia line (not done yet) buffs . I’ll keep dying on this hill until elephants are done as well.

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Option 2 is really interesting, but I would prefer making it for a CA civ bonus in the future maybe. I think Burmese need an Arambai buff more than anything now, the unit is dead after the last many nerfs.

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Then only BE. Restore Burmese BE’s previous glory 16 bonus damage vs building. (EBE had 10 as base stat, Manipur gives another 6). BE +10 attack bonus vs building.

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I know how to game work, there is no need for calculation. stirrups still farrrrr more better tech then manipur cavalry.

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I once proposed scout line +2 attack bonus vs archer for Burmese long b4 DOTD.


Yeah it’s kind of silly atm.
Arambai IS Manipur cavalry but gets no benefit from the tech


it is actually hilarious, but historical accuracy is only relevant when people deem so

like mahouts affecting archers instead of elephants :wink: imagine it