Please make a unique weapon appearance for EAST crossbow men

Unlike the European crossbow, the Chinese crossbow does not have a complex top chord structure. Trigger, crossbow arm and pull distance are also very different.
This kind of crossbow is perfect for European soldiers, but it is very inconsistent and uncoordinated for Chinese and Mongolian soldiers. Therefore, please make different general crossbow models, just as archers also distinguish between the popular single bow in the West and the popular composite bow in the East.The same problem occurs with the torque crossbow (siege weapon).
I know this suggestion may be a little picky, but I still want to try it. Please seriously consider my suggestion. Aoe4 has designed unique buildings and armor for each civilization, which is a great work, but wouldn’t it be better if it could be more perfect?



tbf your right, regular archers have appropriate composite vs long bow variants depending if theyre east or west,
there’s no real argument for not showing differences and changing the xbow.

Just a matter if an artist and animator has the time to redo the animation.

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It is strange hat China doesn’t have a unique crossbow unit or at last some strong unique technology but for some reason they don’t.
China massively used crossbows since ancient times and perfected their usage. With volley fire they could even use them efficiently against cavalry.

But I’m happy that ChoKuNu are not seen as crossbow/archer replacement this time but as a unique unit with unique strengths.

One problem with the Crossbow unit in general is that heavy and light crossbows existed next to each other in Europe with different usages.
While the Arquebus replaced both of them rather quickly.

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It works both ways they gave Russian and Mongols fat oversized Chinese style sabre to save on models or something. Should have used that Abbasid thin one rather.