Please make Enter key work again for "Are you sure?" pop-ups

It always worked until the new UI. Could you please make it work again?

In particular, it was nice to be able to resign smoothly using only hotkeys but now it honestly feels almost a bit humiliating to be literally forced to use my mouse to move the cursor over to the yes button to click it before I get to end my misery.


Yes, this is particularly annoying!
(Also, can you still use tab or the arrow keys to navigate the menu, and then press Enter? I feel like different menus are inconsistent in this behavior. In the original game you could always use the up and down arrows to navigate the F10 menu in game.)


I just checked and it does appear that enter will work upon pressing tab first.

That is better than nothing I suppose (I would still prefer they made it so pressing enter always meant yes on “Are you sure” as it always used to!)

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And space (as on HD) or the relevant hotkeys to close tech tree/chat/objectives ect.

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