Please make Horse Cavalry recruitable from Indian Caravanserai

Indians didn’t completely rely on camels as their staple unit. They used horses throughout history. Please add some generic horse cavalry unit to the stable of Indians apart from Jat Lancer which is called in as mercenary at very high cost and very low quantity. It feels weird not to have my horses in Indian Army Composition.
Horses should be the staple of Indians along with Elephants and Infantry. Camels should be a mercenary or special unit recruited in lower quantity than horses.

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Indians already get 2 types of Camels and 3 types of Elephants, so they have enought Cavalry.

If you are playing on certain maps, you can get Jat Lancers as mercenaries too.

the thought is good but a better approach can be to boost camels ! also the camel terror charge attac card is improved, also, the card from temple now increase builld time of all cavs including camel, so, IMO a viable thing is to increase camel hp or atk, although Zamburaks Range resist is decreased