Please make record game can go backwards please, please!

its an insult to players to dont have this option, definitive edition is very bad because of this,

and please make that we can watch record games of previous patches


Lol that should have been the first feature they improve about rec games. What did they have in mind ?

Recorded games aren’t videos, it’s literally the match being accurately re-played on the game engine. It is technically impossible for recorded games to go backwards; this can never be implemented, at least without massively reworking how the game engine works.

For the same reason, it is difficult to solve watching recorded games of previous patches, as they can no longer be accurately re-played due to changes that have been made to the game. There are some ways this can be solved at least to some extent, for example by keeping the relevant original data of previous game versions around and hot-swap them when needed, akin to what EP did (although this comes with its own set of problems).


dont go backwards, just maybe start where we want. using menu with an option on restart at minute 9:56 for example

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If anything can be realistically done, what I can imagine is something like replay games automatically/manually making temporal “state saves” as it goes, so instead of going back, you can restart from certain points.


or an online platform to play recorded games of previous platches

What I was thinking was : it has to be a file where everything is logged. So the game parses this file and replays every action. Surely it might not be able to play backward but at least it could be possible to pick a moment in the timeline. Even if that means for the game to restart from the beginning and go through the entire file (I can wait for it if it take a few seconds). As if it was playing x50 speed…

It would be the same as before (you can only play forward) with some extra flexibility.

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You can also add some UI features to read more info on the timeline : for instance, instead of being just a straight line, it could thicken when there is a lot of XP (it would be during fights)

Actually, Any curve of the postgame stat could be displayed (manually) with the time cursor showing where you are at. (You can pick Res, Pop, XP, …)

Yes, this is in theory possible, but only on a computer with sufficient processing power to execute AoE3 game logic at such speed. Realistically, the existing “play fast” options already give trouble to a lot of players’ computers, so I’m not sure it’s a viable option.

Hmmm, maybe the computer could calculate everything without needing to truly play the game at 50x, is different to play fast speed where it needs to check player inputs and other stuff than it is to simply read a file already “closed”

now exist 12 cores cpus. and more coming

Unfortunately, AoE3 can essentially only utilize one core for most tasks. Its game engine is from ~2000 and is not designed to take advantage of multiple cores.

Ok but it would be greatly appreciated to have some tools to analyse and leave comments to the recorded games. Like chapters. I believe it’s available in AOE 2 (jump to chapter).

With that done, they could had some auto-analytic feature (let’s say, it creates a chapter before “huge” battles (i could say 20kills but you could parametrize it))

or maybe just a very very fast forward to reach to the point we want in less time