Please make the game keep the highest earned rank

Instead of punishing the players for playing, forcing them to quit ranked after earning highest realistic rank for them at making smurf accounts, making the experience worse for everyone.


I absolutely agree. It doesn’t hurt anyone and motivates players to keep trying until the very end of the season instead of punishing them.

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I also like this idea, if you have achieved a rank that should be your last rank score.

For this too. Its better if people keep playing and not stop cause they might lose there rank.

Its not really fair for causal players aswell

1000000% agree.

i don’t understand why that was not done as an hotfix in season 1 …

Good point, just add another line for highest earned ELO

Sounds amazing! 20 char


I never posted about this but thought about it for a while and i don’t understand why they didn’t do it since the release. I stopped each season when I reached the rank I wanted (or not). Lack of time and/or more hard games in “high” elo (who challenge you) finish pushing you in a downfall and regret to “force the rank.”