Please, make the Obsidian Storm for Skull Knights - through the HC tech card

It seems to me, that such unit abilities (not hero) look too imbalanced, and should be released only through Home City Cards! Why don’t you want to look into the Ensemble Studios archives and find this excellent unused icon? Or at least to be releasing, what Ensemble Studios planned in the original Warchiefs for unused tech cards icons. Thank you!!!
Once upon a time, there developed “The WarChiefs”, artist Mike Corriero do painted icons. This is how it looks the “Skull Knights” in the first icon in a picture:

Or make the Obsidian Storm through the big card in building “resources\images\icons\techs\native_big_button\native_02.png”

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where did you find these icons ?

I don’t agree.
Skull Knights were very rarely used in 1vs1 considering that they are available in IV age and you have to sacrifice other important Ceremonies like War Dance to create them.
In my opinion, this change is really good. Maybe it will require a little balance (for example recharge after 40s instead of 30s) but we need time to assess it.

Admit that you just used Skull Knight example to show these nice icons that you found :smiley:


Yes, I want to released use all “old unused icons”… And I think this is the right! I am interesting what properties were planned by the original developers about this and other unused icons.
mkaras92 If you do not agree about “Obsidian Storm from HC”, then there is another option! Through the big card in the building! Name of card "native_02"