Please make unit creation is automatically fdistribuited on the not working barracks as in age of empires IV

for exampple:
on age of empires IV we can select 7 stables, and if we cliick one time we create on 6 stables out of 7 if we dont have enough sources, and if we click again we create the next horse on the stable that is not creating units.
But in age of empires III if we click again, the horses wont be created on the stable that is doing nothing but on the stable that was build first. This is very cumbersome.


That was a real Quality of life feature in AoE4, it also works with upgrades.

If you are upgrading cavalry in let’s say 5 stables and queue 5 horses, the horses wont be created in the stable that is upgrading them, since the upgrade takes longer than the creation of a horse.

It even calculates the most efficient time for the unit production, because in the same scenario, if the upgrade has like 3 seconds left, THEN the horse will be queued up in that stable.

It’s just awesome, love the feature :smiley:


oh wow its even better, idint know it

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Does it actually work like that now? In the beta, if you selected 7 stables and clicked once, it would queue up 1 horse. You’d have to click 7 times to get all the stables going which was awful and I definitely don’t want AoE3 to be that way.

Even if that is now fixed, AoE3 shouldn’t work exactly like AoE4 since you have to take batch training into account. If there’s a batch already queued, you don’t want to add to a different production building. In that case, you do actually want to add to the first one since the units will be built sooner. Only once you have a full batch do you want to start queueing units at the next free production building.

I think it’s better to have something in between.
If you select multiple buildings, one click on the unit icon would queue for all buildings as many as possible, BUT new unit creation should also try to fill up the batches that are not full in priority.

At present if I shift click with two buildings and have not enough resource for 10 units, for example I got 9 (5, 4), when I click for another time the new training batch is added after the first batch in the first building (5+1, 4). That is really inefficient. That 1 new unit should go into the last batch.

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