Please mounted standard bearer and carriers in stable training

Mounted standard bearer and standard bear in barracks we need in aoe2de of someone to new support unit and please for help with need to new dlc and map editor


What? Twenty characters


What use will these new units have?

Yes this is the support units He can also attack 20% of all units. I hope new ones should be added in map editor and campaign mode


I feel like your keyboard has eaten every third word in your sentences.

or im having a stroke idk


I think i’ve seen these units used in another RTS, but i’m not sure in which one. It could be interesting and add another element to the game, but i doubt it will ever happen.

its always amazing how people forget that the rest of the world doesnt use english as their native language and then belittle someone for using english imperfectly…

its not a bad idea, i think a few people have recommended something similar, basically its an aura that buffs units. you could even perhaps have one that debuffs opponents. not sure if its possible with the game engine though.

Sure are mounted standard bearer and standard bearer is the support have to map editor for to

So the OP wants a unit that boost HP or attack to nearby units?

Basically. I think it would be busted. Imagind such a unit surrounded by heavy cavalry

Don’t worry, English isn’t my native language either. Knowing many British people they don’t speak it all too well either. If the writing isn’t understandable, it becomes a problem whatever the reason may be.

Always funny to see people complain about Memb’s language while he’s always 100% understandable (especially to people whose native language isn’t English).

This is more than just ‘imperfect’. I’m guessing the OP means like, a flag bearer? Like a morale boost type unit? I feel like those would be even stronger than Hero units in the game, and as @MatCauthon3 said it’d be OP regardless of what unit you make. Aura units are so much more powerful in AoE2, it’s kinda the reason why you don’t have them in the game. They don’t fit the game.


I like the idea…It should be an UU. I would make it without attack capability and the slowest horsed unit.
Maybe 3 tiles effect and trainable in castle for 80F60G in 35 secs. 0/0 Armor and 60 HP (without Bloodlines).

The effect could be a flat +1 melee Attack and a +5% RoF for pierce attack. Effect non stackable.

No attack capability: correct. Standard bearers didn’t attack. But the slowest horse? Why? I know you mean it for balance purposes, but it doesn’t make any sense.

Just for balance sense… If they would hace the same KT-line speed it will be to opressive.
Historically, is just a banner holder, no need to use the faster horses on it… Idk what is your problem with it 11

Okay, by KT I take it you mean “knight”, which I still can’t understand why people abreviate it. Knights are the slower cavalry already, so if banner bearers were as as fast as them, you should be happy. You see, the reason Knights are slower is because of their heavy armor; banner bearers weren’t armed, nor protected, so that’s the reason why, if we were to adjust to history, in the game they should be as fast as Cavalry Archers.

By your nickname I’m guessing you’re Latin, just like me, so here goes a tip: “balance sense” should be “balance purposes”; “if they would have” should be “if they had”; “it will be to opressive” should be “it would be too opressive”.

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