Please nerf fire lancers

100% they need nerfed… super OP… build walls people say? they just shoot them down with cannons they are CHINESE… they 1 shot infantry blobs even when spread… they decimate workers and they raze landmarks in seconds.

They also destroy artillery soooo fast.

Super op unit


Yeah very ez to do on open maps like King ofth or Arabia right? mr. smart. :slight_smile:

Or when u play as Rus + Mongol

Yeah they are effective in the team games sometimes I just don’t think they are gonna get nerf just because they are somewhat effective in the team games.

like the other guy said maybe change the rules in the team game so you wont be kicked out once your landmarks are gone.

Tell me more
Helllo, sc2 player, we (aoe-players) have pretty balanced 4vs4 in aoe2. No one balanced it especially for TGs, but game were fun
And number of players are twice more than in 1vs1.

But keep telling “impossible”.

PS The one and the biggest issue - u die before ur team loose.

PPS in 1vs1 firelancer also “cheese”,cheap and broken. Anyone who bellow 1200RM - can kill easily with “firelancer snipe”.

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Perhaps, but team games are notoriously difficult to balance around without significantly changing 1v1 too. Aoe2 for example very rarely made changes to team games which have had a very stale meta for a long time.

Yeah, fun really has nothing to do with the game balance tho, You could be having fun stirring dog shat with a stick but it doesn’t make it a good game.

like I said, it maybe a good idea to change the rule of team game so you dont get kicked out once your landmarks are gone but I don’t think it’s a good idea to just nerf things if they are somewhat effective in lowelo 4v4 games.

no just nerf them… they are overperforming… simple as that

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amazing comparison[no].reread post… 24 times.
Numbers wont lie. SinglePlayer > TG > 1vs1. - the distribution of players. With suggestions like “dont balance game for TGs”. I would recommend to return into sc2 or whatever game u want to play without TGs.

PS Hope u play on TheViper’s lvl to say that top1k TG is low elo.
Let’s name everyone who bellow 2000place - noobs and dont care about them… (sarkazm).

I understand your frustration mate, but that is not how things go, this is not a popularity contest.

more people play single player dont meant the game is single-player-centric, and more noobs than pros don’t mean the game balance is gonna pander towards noobs.

because noob’s opinion about the game’s balance is just not valid, its just meaningless, the best a noob can do is to have fun.

At least how it went in aoe2 abd aoe3, those games were balanced around 1v1 play. They didn’t completely throw team games out of the window, but changes made due to team game meta were few and far between.

Fire Lancers are indeed busted

It’s not even close


Just wait until the match between Viper and Beastyqt is public where Viper use Fire Lancer as normal people do instead of using them for combat

This could be an easy fix, same as with scouts, fire lancers can have splash charge, they can have maybe more stats, increased HP and armor maybe, but they need to do away with the siege dmg they do. Even in pro games you can see fire lancers snipe keeps with ease. That’s with the burning oil upgrade. Or make it so torch damage doesn’t affect keeps. It requires full stone to build.

Right now my 2 fav COVs, RUS and Abbasid have no counter to fire lancers. No matter how much pressure you put on the Chinese player early game. I have tried cav archers too. Abbasid is the saddest. I can’t even stone wall my landmark. I surround it with keeps and they still don’t do enough. I had some success with Brit longbows due to the anti charge skill. But it’s so telegraphed the second it goes up the firelancers go the other direction. Against spears they run circles around. And spears being spears are useless against almost anything else in a game. Fire lancers with zhugenu buff really puts China so far ahead of certain civs

Yeah I agree firelancer might need some adjustment for their siege damage, but I haven’t seen any high-level 1v1 game that freelancers played a major role in and win, they are essentially late-game raiders. the last game I saw with them it’s beast’s Rus vs 3Dbee’s Chinese but the Rus dispatch the firelancers with horse archers relatively easy. another game with them is KZ’s Chinese vs Hera’s Rus, this time the Chinese did win but firelancer wasn’t the winning factor, it was the truly OP Chinese siege weapons.

It doesn’t take long to get a match where Beasty get cheesed by Fire Lancer

I mainly play Chinese people, but I also hate the Fire Lancer unit. I suggest reducing the damage caused by Fire Lancer to buildings and leaving the rest unchanged. After all, in history, fireworks will only scare the enemy (charge damage). Cannot destroy buildings.


Agreed, they might not be a win condition, but Chinese has such good siege that the fire lancers don’t need the extra siege damage tied to them.

Bombards make a hole in the wall, and fire lancers rush in. Any sane person would try to take out opponent siege, at the cost of his own units. So think of it this way, to protect your own landmarks you would want to take out opponent siege, knowing that they can end you with bombards firing away. So in a proper defence if there is a hole in your wall, you would try your best to rush the siege down and use your own siege.

The issue with fire lancers is, they do siege damage and are mobile, so you can’t ignore them, I wouldn’t consider them late game raid units. They are siege engines on steroids. 3 bombards cost 1800 gold, the same amount can make at least 30+ fire lancers.

It’s a lose lose situation, you go for fire lancers they run around your base with units in tow, and you need to micro these units so they don’t get charged, all the time the Chinese bombards are free to snipe.

Doing away with fire lancers torch damage to buildings will help to balance it. Explosive charges are fine, the movement speed is fine, just compensate the siege damage with armor or more HP.

This way, even if they break through a wall, there is some form of counter play, as it is, getting to firelancers by 20 mins is proven to be doable. The buffs to early China also helps them defend against early aggression.

-Solutions would be

-10 second charge delay (Currently only 2 seconds which makes them so OP).
-Decrease in normal damage since it costs less food
-Decrease in charge damage from 21 to 18 (No upgrades included)

  • Charge damage also receives +1 melee damage upgrade from the blacksmith, up to +3
    -Decrease in torch damage to buildings 45-55 to 25-30
    -No bonus damages to Archers +11 to 13.
    -No bonus damage to siege +10
    Attack speed from 1.04 to 1.7

As you can see, currently, it is so cheap compare to what it really does and how much bonuses it got.



They do 45 Torch damage which is just insanely high to the amount that even special techs a la +4 Firearmor for buildings are just not enough anymore.

That needs to be reduced drastically and its fine.